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Abram Pousada is one of the passionate Software Engineers with He started his career with when he was in high-school and has been with the company for over a decade. After-hours, the self-proclaimed geek enjoys a variety of engaging hobbies ranging from even more programming to video games and mountain biking.

Mar 07

How to Protect a Web Application with Licensing Controls

By Abram P | General Licensing Tips

Web applications are technically different from traditional, desktop applications, in several ways. Consequently, they come with some unique challenges and options for licensing.The first challenge with licensing a web application is determining its license model. In addition to the many license models that apply to all applications, web applications can also have licenses limited by: […]

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Aug 24

Maximizing email deliverability with SOLO Server

By Abram P | Support Articles

Do you use a free email service provider such as,,, etc.? If so, you should not use one of these email domains in SOLO Server’s configuration. Summary of the Problem Today most spam email is being sent through either hijacked email accounts or through free email service providers. For this reason, free […]

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Oct 21

What WOW64 means to you and your applications

By Abram P | Support Articles

With each new release of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, we observe an increase in questions about how Windows organizes its file system and registry, and how it may limit access to certain areas of each. This pattern has persisted through the recent release of Windows 10, which gives us a great opportunity to offer some […]

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