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Sep 29

How steganography improves security

By Dan H. | General Licensing Tips

What is Steganography? Steganography is the science of concealing information in plain sight. The word steganography is the combination of the Greek words steganos, which means “covered, concealed, or protected,” and graphein which means “writing.” A simple example of steganography is a secret message written with invisible ink on paper. Throughout history, citrus fruit was […]

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Jul 31

Protecting Your Software on Virtual Machines

By Mike Wozniak | General Licensing Tips

The Drost Effect

Virtualization software is in widespread use. When licensing your applications, you must consider the impact of virtualization software on your ability to control your licensed applications with your customers. Let’s first establish operational definitions before trying to understand the impact: A virtual machine host (also often referred to as the hypervisor) consists of the computer […]

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