Oct 06

Protection PLUS and Instant PLUS Released

By Mike Wozniak | Releases

Instant PLUS Through the help of our high quality support and communication with our customers, we continually re-evaluate the features we provide to come up with new ways to improve Instant PLUS. This release of Instant PLUS tackled a couple aspects to increase simplicity and flexibility. More simplicity: When using the /OPENLF command-line switch […]

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Sep 07

Customization for an Established Organization

By Deborah J | Success Stories


Dan VanLuchene, Co-founder and Partner at Integrated Engineering Software is in an enviable position. Ten reliable products, twenty years of operation, a rock solid customer base of structural engineers, and a tight, automated system to keep it all humming. It wasn’t always this way. His growing business had become painfully hampered by an antiquated licensing […]

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Sep 03

SOLO Server Released and Posted

By Mike Wozniak | Releases

This minor release of SOLO Server has two significant changes: It was time to renew our Microsoft Partner subscription, so we underwent the rigorous Microsoft certification process of running SOLO Server under Windows Server 2012 R2. During this process, we needed to digitally sign all of our DLL and EXE files. We are delighted to […]

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Aug 18

Is it OK to Copy from My Neighbor’s EULA? (Yes. Really.) Part 3 of 4: Still more important considerations when developing an End-User License Agreement

By Mike Wozniak | General Licensing Tips

Leave It To Beaver cast members

“Boy, you really goofed it this time, Beav!” At SoftwareKey, our team famously prides itself on being up-to-the-minute with the latest trends in software licensing technology.  But we have to confess to the presence of a sole member of our support staff who has a particular affinity for television programs produced during the Stone Age — […]

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