Dec 15

Protection PLUS 5 SDK Version Released

By Dan H. | Releases

Protection PLUS 5 SDK version has been released! For Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition (Windows) we have upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.0. This is the latest branch that will be backed by the OpenSSL team for years to come. This release of Protection PLUS 5 SDK NET Edition introduces a new sample demonstrating Microsoft’s LicenseProvider for Components and Controls, which […]

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Dec 01

What do you do with the old license when it is upgraded to a new license?

By Mike Wozniak | General Licensing Tips

In a previous post, we discussed how to allow users to freely access minor upgrades while ensuring you get paid for major upgrades. But had you thought about the likelihood of a customer purchasing a discounted upgrade and continuing to run BOTH versions on two different computers?Was it your intention when selling the discounted upgrade to have the customer install […]

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Nov 29

SOLO Server Build has been Released with a Completely New Look!

By Steve Marsh | Releases

Author Administration Interface RedesignResponsive Layout: The prior fixed-width design has been replaced with a responsive design which works much better with smartphones, tablets, and high resolution displays.Improved Menu: The menu system has been greatly simplified, and now works on touch devices like smartphones and tablets.Modernized Technologies: The new design is underpinned using modern technologies, which […]

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Nov 15

Allow users to freely access minor upgrades while ensuring you get $PAID$ for major upgrades

By Mike Wozniak | General Licensing Tips


While developing updates for your software, you will likely have both minor and major updates/upgrades.  Minor updates will often fix small defects found and may even introduce small new features.  You may choose to go from Version 1 to Version 1.1 for a minor update.  Major upgrades have a bigger Version number increase, such as 2.0, and often include big […]

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Nov 08

How to limit software version updates to users with valid maintenance agreements

By Mike Wozniak | General Licensing Tips


Regularly updating an application is almost always an inescapable requirement in the life cycle of a successful software product.  Accordingly, if your application is dynamic in nature and you anticipate offering your customers new features on a periodic basis, a software maintenance subscription lets you market new releases of your software product on a transaction fee […]

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Oct 25

The one thing you must do to secure the license transfer process

By Mike Wozniak | General Licensing Tips


It is inevitable that customers will need to move licenses from one computer to another at some point. When a license becomes invalidated in the licensing server as a result of one of the 4 main reasons to allow software deactivation, the protected application will continue to run until it receives notification that the license has been revoked.   To maintain the […]

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