Oct 04

Protection PLUS September 2016 releases

By Dan H. | Releases

New versions are now available for both Protection PLUS 5 SDK and Instant Protection PLUS 3! Customers with active software maintenance can log into the Customer License Portal to download the latest versions. Protection PLUS 5 version released! This release introduces many updates to our samples, such as proxy support to our PLUSNative samples. […]

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Sep 30

SoftwareKey Metering System Repurposed

By Mike Wozniak | General

Metering System Box

History and OverviewThe SoftwareKey Metering System was originally launched in 2009 through a partnership with VMWare.  Built on the license management technologies built inside of the SoftwareKey System for Independent Software Vendors, the Metering System helps IT departments:Manage and control access to internal-use applicationsLog application usageReport on application usage throughout an enterpriseEnforce concurrency limits on […]

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Sep 29

How steganography improves security

By Dan H. | General Licensing Tips

What is Steganography? Steganography is the science of concealing information in plain sight. The word steganography is the combination of the Greek words steganos, which means “covered, concealed, or protected,” and graphein which means “writing.” A simple example of steganography is a secret message written with invisible ink on paper. Throughout history, citrus fruit was […]

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Sep 29

SOLO Server Released

By Steve Marsh | Releases

We are happy to announce the latest release of SOLO Server – Build Significant changes and new features are highlighted below. Customer License Portal Support for License Based Sessions In the previous release of SOLO Server, we introduced the concept of a customer session based on the License ID and License Activation Password, and […]

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Aug 25

Answering the Call of Android Users

By Deborah J | Success Stories

ProComSol, Ltd. is a trailblazer when it comes to HART communications (a digital industrial communication protocol). In 2006 they came onto the scene with an unheard of offering for automation industries using process controls including Oil and Gas, Refining, Chemical and Petrochemical, Power Generation, Water and Waste Water, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp and Paper, Mining and Metals, […]

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