Jul 26

Protection PLUS 5 SDK version released!

By Mike Wozniak | Releases

Protection PLUS 5 SDK version has been released! This release introduces exciting new features, including image steganography and ARMv7 support for Linux! The steganography feature allows you to store a license or alias within an image file to further hide the data. Simply specify the image file location of an image you are deploying, […]

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Apr 21

Protection PLUS April 2016 releases

By Mike Wozniak | Releases

New versions are now available for both Protection PLUS 5 SDK and Instant Protection PLUS 3! Customers with active software maintenance can log into the Customer License Portal to download the latest versions. Protection PLUS 5 SDK version released! Protection PLUS 5 SDK continues to provide developers with the most control and flexibility over their […]

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Apr 01

SOLO Server Released

By Mike Wozniak | Releases

We are happy to announce the long awaited latest release of SOLO Server – Build The primary goal of this build was to extend the security improvements which were started in previous builds while also addressing concerns raised by our customers along the way. Before we discuss the security improvements in this build of […]

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Feb 18

Product Review After 9 Years in Use

By Deborah J | Success Stories


Mark Fonseca is the Director at 3000AD Systems, a Sydney, Australia based company with a suite of products which provide cost effective day-to-day solutions in business. Mark describes the business as a mid-sized, steady growth, successful software company. In 2006 they started using the SoftwareKey System for their flagship product, PDF-eXPLODE (document delivery software). As […]

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Jan 12

SoftwareKey Service Options that Work for YOU!

By Mike Wozniak | General , Support Articles

Making a choice

After more than two decades of providing solutions in licensing, eCommerce, and business automation, we have robust products and services and highly experienced staff at SoftwareKey. SoftwareKey is not the cheapest licensing option, nor is it the most expensive, and we prioritize striking the right balance of cost while maximizing your benefits! We understand that different customers […]

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