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Our customers have repeatedly found Protection PLUS to be a great value, especially when evaluated against its competitors. Each dollar you invest in any of our products and services buys you a depth and breadth of features and functionality, reliability and effectiveness reinforced with our priceless one-on-one support, ensuring your success. Order online and receive instant access to the full version of Protection PLUS!

* All licenses are sold by developer workstation.

Instant Protection PLUS 3


Protection PLUS 5 SDK .NET Edition


Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition for Windows


Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition for macOS


Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition for Linux


Protection PLUS 5 SDK LabVIEW Edition (multi-platform)
Contact us to verify appropriateness of using this product.


Protection PLUS 5 SDK Java Edition (multi-platform)


Protection PLUS 5 SDK Android Edition


Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition for Linux (ARM)


Protection PLUS 5 SDK License Manager
License Manager is included with each Protection PLUS 5 SDK Edition.


Multiple Developers and/or Multiple Editions
Discounts apply when multiple licenses are  purchased at the same time.

Legacy Products

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Protection PLUS 4 SDK Enterprise Edition License


Software Maintenance

Each license of our software comes with one year of software maintenance, which includes updates and electronic support. This maintenance is renewable at any time, and is optional.

Annual maintenance renewals cost roughly 20% of the license cost.

Be sure to keep a safe archive of the installation media for the version that you purchased and are using in your software. Only the latest version is kept on our website and only for customers with an active maintenance agreement.


Very happy to extend our licensing system to include Android and Linux platforms

Our company provides barcode decoding and barcode authentication software for Auto ID industry.

The license activation feature is by far my favorite feature. We have used Protection PLUS 4 and Instant Protection PLUS 3 for many years, but after the release of Protection PLUS 5 we like it even more because it allowed us to extend this activation/licensing system to Android and Linux platforms.

By automating license activation we have saved a lot of time for ourselves and - most importantly - improved our product offering for our customers.

Do not hesitate with SoftwareKey - it's a solid company, great competitive products and outstanding customer support.

Anatoliy Shishkin President, 2D Technology Group, Inc.


We stand behind our products and services. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Protection PLUS purchase and we are unable to remedy the situation, simply contact us within 30 days of receipt and we will gladly provide a refund.