Defining Licensing Requirements

Before beginning source code integration, it is important to define the application's licensing requirements. Several questions are listed below, which are designed to help you establish a list of requirements for each of your applications.

In order to best identify your licensing requirements as outlined below, it is often best to start with a complete list of use cases. In other words, list out all the different ways you wish to allow someone to purchase, use, license, activate, manage the license, etc... If you wish to take a more illustrative approach, you can also story-board the process using rough wire-frame representations of what you would expect users to see in your application.

Skipping the use case brainstorming scenario is likely to bring you the burden of more work in the future. The SoftwareKey Professional Service Team is happy to work with you through a discovery process to make sure all use cases have been listed and thought through. We can help you by asking questions and discussing advantages and disadvantages of each licensing approach. Please contact us for assistance.

Basic Requirements

Advanced Requirements