Getting Help

Online Resources

Our support center offers variety of resources that makes valuable information available to you immediately.  This includes resources like a knowledge-base, forums, product documentation, newsletters, and more. Usually these resources give you near-instant answers to the questions and/or issues you encounter, and can therefore save you a great deal of time.

Getting Assistance


If you are new to our system and are evaluating our products and services, you will have access to guidance via email support during your evaluation period to help ensure you are acquainted and confident with our products and services.

Maintenance Subscriptions

Technology is constantly changing, and though this brings much excitement, it is understood that changes often result in unforeseen problems. Furthermore, keeping up with changes in various platforms, architectures, and frameworks requires a great deal of effort.  Customers with active maintenance subscriptions have access to the following benefits for the products and services purchased:

To check the status of your subscription, renew it, or download version updates, please sign-in to our customer license portal.

Professional Services

If your needs exceed that of our standard technical support services, we offer personalized professional services which may be used to further help you with an implementation or diagnosis. Should you find yourself in need of such services, please visit our support center and open a ticket to submit your request.

Gathering Information

You encountered a problem, could not find any information about the problem in our support center resources, and you need some answers quickly. Our products and services are designed to make life in the licensing and e-commerce world easier, and we take pride in fulfilling that same goal with technical assistance. However, you can make our lives a little easier and get answers much more quickly by taking the time to ensure your request includes all of the information we need to provide you with the answers you need. Here are some common questions we might need you to answer:




Submitting Inquiries

To submit your request for assistance, please visit our support center and open a new ticket. When doing so, making sure you include any relevant information (including, but not limited to, items listed in the "gathering information" section above). Additionally, if you have multiple inquiries or issues that are unrelated to one-another, open separate tickets for each inquiry/issue.