PLUSManaged: Calling SOLO Server XML Web Services


If you are using or planning to use PLUSManagedGui in your application, this content may not be relevant to you since PLUSManagedGui automatically handles common functionality.

There are a variety of ways to call SOLO Server web services in your .NET application.  The best method of calling to a web service depends on whether or not you are calling it from your applications license implementation class, and whether or not helper methods or classes to call the relevant web service method are available.

Making Calls From Your License Implementation

The most common way to call to SOLO Server web services with PLUSManaged is using helper methods which are automatically inherited (from License or WritableLicense) in your license implementation class. The methods listed below are available to your license implementation class, and are used throughout the sample applications, which may be used as a supplement to see how these methods are called in-practice.

Method Description
ActivateInstallationLicenseFile Activates a license online and retrieves the license file.
ActivateOnline Activates a license online. This does not retrieve the license file, but it does retrieve the Installation ID that can be used with RefreshLicense to do so.
CheckInstallationStatus Performs a light-weight background check of the activated license.
DeactivateInstallation Deactivates the license which was previously activated.
RefreshLicense Performs a background check of the activated license and retrieves the most current license file from SOLO Server.

Using the WebServiceCall Implementations

You might have an application which already has a reference to PLUSManaged, but needs to call to a SOLO Server outside of the license implementation class. If your application has this sort of requirement, PLUSManaged fulfills it via the WebServiceCall implementations. Refer to the PLUSManaged API reference for additional details and example source code. The inheritance hierarchy at the bottom of the API reference shows a list of all WebServiceCall implementations available to you.

Calling Web Services Directly

SOLO Server offers a wide variety of web services, and PLUSManaged may not have helper methods or classes for all of the methods you might want to use. However, you can easily add a web service reference to your application, and reference the SOLO Server manual for details on how to call each web service method directly (including the web service's endpoint URL, which you will need when adding the reference).