SK_PLUS_SystemIdentifierCompare Function

Compares the current system's identifiers against the identifiers authorized in the license.


When specifying an identifier type in the type parameter and no identifiers of the specified type are found, the function will return SK_ResultCode.SK_ERROR_INVALID_DATA.


SK_ResultCode SK_PLUS_SystemIdentifierCompare(SK_ApiContext context, int flags, const char *type, int *count, int *matches);
Visual Basic
Declare Function SK_PLUS_SystemIdentifierCompare(ByVal context As Long, ByVal flags As Long, ByVal type As String, ByRef count As Long, ByRef matches As Long) As Long


The API Context handle.
Any flags passed into this function-call.
The type of identifier to compare. Leave empty to compare all types. Other possible values include: "ComputerNameIdentifier", "HardDiskVolumeSerialIdentifier", "NicIdentifier", "NetworkNameIdentifier", or "UserNameIdentifier".
Reference/pointer to an integer, which will point to the number of system identifiers authorized in the license when the call succeeds.
Reference/pointer to an integer, which will point to the number of identifiers authorized in the license which match the current system's identifiers when the call succeeds.


All possible return values are included in the SK_ResultCode enumeration. Return codes to expect include:

Result Code Description
SK_ResultCode.SK_ERROR_NONE No error.
SK_ResultCode.SK_ERROR_INVALID_DATA The presence of invalid data has been detected.
SK_ResultCode.SK_ERROR_XML_PARSER_FAILED The XML parser encountered an error.
SK_ResultCode.SK_ERROR_INVALID_ARGUMENTS Some or all of the arguments are invalid.