Determines if a bit is set in a bit field

Applies to:

Win32, Win64


Declare Function pp_bittest(ByVal bit_field As Long, ByVal bit_number As Long) As Long


LONG pp_bittest(LONG bit_field, LONG bit_number)


<bit_field> is a bit field on which to work

<bit_number> is the bit number in the bit field to test, 1 to 32


PP_FALSE [0] (bit not set) or PP_TRUE [1] (bit set)


There are several long integers in the License File that may be used as bit-fields. A bit field contains 32 bits that can be used to store the state of multiple binary or on/off attributes. The state of those attributes are either enabled or disabled. This is typically used to license various modules or features on a pay-per-module basis.

This function along with pp_bitclear() and pp_bitset() work together to provide you with total bit field manipulation capability.


' This application allows various options to be purchased.

' The user's purchased configuration is stored in one of

' the user-defined numerics. We will check to see which

' options should be enabled.


Global Const DATAMODULE_1 = 1

Global Const DATAMODULE_2 = 2

Global Const FEATURE_1 = 3

Global Const FEATURE_2 = 4


Dim options As Long

pp_getvarnum lfhandle, VAR_UDEF_NUM_2, options

If pp_bittest options, DATAMODULE_1 Then

 ' Enable access to Data Module #1

Else If pp_bittest options, DATAMODULE_2 Then

 ' Enable access to Data Module #2

Else If pp_bittest options, FEATURE_1 Then

 ' Enable Feature #1

Else If pp_bittest options, FEATURE _2 Then

 ' Enable Feature #2

End If

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