PLUS ActiveX Typical Implementations

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Several implementation topics follow, each describing specific software licensing concepts and the PLUS ActiveX component’s properties, methods, and events to use to achieve the described feature. It is recommended that you read the PLUS Getting Started section first, if you have not already done so.

In addition, there are several PLUS ActiveX Sample Applications installed with the package. Many of these files are ready to compile or already have pre-built EXE files to run. A separate section of the manual describes what PLUS features these sample applications demonstrate.

The best place to start is implementing EZ Trial™ – the most common requested trialware features. You can then add features once you become comfortable with the basics.

If this section leaves you with unanswered questions, refer to the PLUS Frequently Asked Questions section of this manual or our online Support Center before seeking Technical Support. There are continuous updates to our web site with commonly requested information.

EZ Trial™

Product Expiration

Copy Protection

Network Licensing