PLUS ActiveX and .NET Interface Overviews

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When adding Protection PLUS functionality to your application, you must choose among the .NET, ActiveX, and DLL/LIB Interfaces.  Refer to Choosing a Library Interface for additional information.  This chapter of the manual has several topics dealing with implementing the ActiveX Interface.  The topics cover the inclusion of the ActiveX component within your applications, implementing many features of PLUS, as well as the detailed list of Properties, Methods, and Events supported.

The demo version of PLUS will run for 30 days after it is first used. You are free to distribute the components on additional machines for testing, but all software will eventually stop working until the retail version is installed on each of the machines.

Attention .NET developers:
A new fully managed .NET class library called PLUSManaged is now available. This library uses digital signatures and public-key cryptography to protect a read-only XML license file issued by SOLO Server.  Get more information and request a FREE fully functional trial version of the PLUSManaged software licensing toolkit for .NET at our web site.


Adding PLUS ActiveX Interface to Your Applications

Adding PLUS .NET Interface to Your Applications

Distributing Applications with ActiveX Interface

Distributing Applications with .NET Interface

Typical Implementation Examples