Property - CPAlgorithmDrive

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Stored in License File if EZTrial is non-zero; Persisted from design time property page otherwise

Example of use found in:

Implementing Single User Copy Protection and Advanced Licensing Sample


This property is unused when using the Enhanced Computer ID Algorithms

This property sets the drive letter used in the algorithm that generates the Computer ID Number.

For COMPNO_HDSERIAL it is the character of the drive to use. This character string MUST be uppercase. For Windows libraries, if a ZERO string ("0") is passed, the drive Windows is installed on will be used. If a 1 string ("1") is passed, the drive where the executable is located will be used, otherwise the drive letter passed in will be used.

For COMPNO_NETNAME this parameter may be a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path (e.g. \\SERVER\SHARE\PATH) or a path to a mapped drive.

For COMPNO_IPADDR, this parameter is the server name - fully qualified ( or NETBIOS (SERVERNAME), UNC path, or mapped drive letter (e.g. M:).

For COMPNO_SERVER_MACADDR, this parameter is the server's IP address, server name - fully qualified ( or NETBIOS (SERVERNAME) or UNC path.


object.CPAlgorithmDrive = "C"