Get Registered User Data from SOLO server

Applies to:

Win32, Win64


Declare Function SK_GetRegData(ByVal server As String, ByVal proxy As String, ByVal url As String, ByVal licenseid As Long, ByVal pw As String, ByVal companyname As String, ByVal contactname As String, ByVal email As String, ByVal phone As String, ByVal ud1 As String, ByVal ud2 As String, ByVal ud3 As String, ByVal ud4 As String, ByVal ud5 As String) As Long


LONG SK_GetRegData(LPSTR server, LPSTR proxy, LPSTR url, LONG licenseid, LPSTR pw, LPSTR companyname, LPSTR contactname, LPSTR email, LPSTR phone, LPSTR ud1, LPSTR ud2, LPSTR ud3, LPSTR ud4, LPSTR ud5)


<server> is the name or IP address of the SOLO server (do not use prefix of "http://"). For Instant SOLO, use "swk".

<proxy> is the name or IP address and port of any proxy server necessary to access the Internet. The format is server:port. Eg)

<url> is the document path and name to use (must start with "/"). For Instant SOLO, use "/solo/customers/getregdata.asp".

<licenseid> is the LicenseID of the user

<pw> is the Customer Password of the user

<companyname> is the registered company name

<contactname> is the registered user name

<email> is the registered e-mail address

<phone> is the registered phone number

<ud1> is the user-defined field 1

<ud2> is the user-defined field 2

<ud3> is the user-defined field 3

<ud4> is the user-defined field 4

<ud5> is the user-defined field 5


In addition to the possible return values described in SK_GetErrorStr(), the SOLO server may respond with the value of 100 or greater. The value of 100 means that the data was received properly but that the data entered by the user was not found in the license database. You can display a specific message to this effect when you receive this error code. The HTML necessary to return a specific error code is Error Response = 100 (space equals space then data).

HTTP Method:


Variables sent:



HTML Return Strings:

Licensed Company = (space equals space then data)

Licensed Contact =

Licensed E-Mail =

Licensed Phone =

Licensed UD1 =

Licensed UD2 =

Licensed UD3 =

Licensed UD4 =

Licensed UD5 =


This function is used to retrieve the Registered User information from the SOLO server. This can be used to customize the Help/About or other dialog box(es) with the name of the registered user information right after they enter a License ID during the unlocking phase.

Note that parameters <companyname> through <ud5> must be initialized to a length of at least 50 characters or spaces before calling this function.


Dim result as Long, ignore As String * 50

Dim company As String * 50

Dim contact As String * 50


' LicenseID and LicensePW were stored in

' the License File and were retrieved previously

' The lfhandle variable points to our open License File handle


' retrieve the registered user info from

' SOLO Server and update our License File fields

result = SK_GetRegData("swk", "", "/solo/customers/getregdata.asp", LicenseID, LicensePW, company, contact, ignore, ignore, ignore, ignore, ignore, ignore, ignore)

If result = 0 Then

 pp_setvarchar lfhandle, VAR_COMPANY, company

 pp_setvarchar lfhandle, VAR_NAME, contact

End If