Get Trigger Code Data from SOLO server

Applies to:

Win32, Win64


Declare Function SK_GetTCDataEx(ByVal flags As Long, ByVal server As String, ByVal proxy As String, ByVal url As String, ByVal licenseid As Long, ByVal pw As String, ByVal cenum As Long, ByVal compno As Long, ByRef result1 As Long, ByRef result2 As Long, ByVal licenseupd As String) As Long


LONG SK_GetTCDataEx(LONG flags, LPSTR server, LPSTR proxy, LPSTR url, LONG licenseid, LPSTR pw, LONG cenum, LONG compno, LPLONG result1, LPLONG result2, LPSTR licenseupd)


<flags> SK_SECURE_CONNECTION [32768] Will attempt to use SSL during communication. Otherwise set to 0.

Please refer to SK_GetTCData() for remaining arguments


This function is an extension of the SK_GetTCData() function. A flags parameter has been added in order to allow SSL communication if desired.