Post Evaluation User Data to SOLO server

Applies to:

Win32, Win64


Declare Function SK_PostEvalData(ByVal server As String, ByVal proxy As String, ByVal url As String, ByVal firstname As String, ByVal lastname As String, ByVal email As String, ByVal phone As String, ByVal ud1 As String, ByVal ud2 As String, ByVal ud3 As String, ByVal ud4 As String, ByVal ud5 As String, ByRef regid As Long) As Long


LONG SK_PostEvalData(LPSTR server, LPSTR proxy, LPSTR url, LPSTR firstname, LPSTR lastname, LPSTR email, LPSTR phone, LPSTR ud1, LPSTR ud2, LPSTR ud3, LPSTR ud4, LPSTR ud5, LPLONG regid)


<server> is the name or IP address of the SOLO server (do not use prefix of "http://"). For Instant SOLO, use "swk".

<proxy> is the name or IP address and port of any proxy server necessary to access the Internet. The format is server:port. Eg)

<url> is the document path and name to use (must start with "/")

<firstname> is the registered company name

<lastname> is the registered user name

<email> is the registered e-mail address

<phone> is the registered phone number

<ud1> is the user-defined field 1

<ud2> is the user-defined field 2

<ud3> is the user-defined field 3

<ud4> is the user-defined field 4

<ud5> is the user-defined field 5

<regid> is the registration ID assigned to this user


In addition to the possible return values described in SK_GetErrorStr(), the SOLO server may respond with the value of 100 or greater. The value of 100 means that the data was received properly but that the data entered by the user was not found in the license database. You can display a specific message to this effect when you receive this error code. The HTML necessary to return a specific error code is Error Response = 100 (space equals space then data) or Registration result = (space equals space then data).

The optional value of regid will be returned via the last parameter.

HTTP Method:


Variables sent:










HTML Return Strings:

Registration result = (space equals space then data)

Registration id =


This function is used to post to a SOLO server information about the current user evaluating your product. There are typically two ways to track who is evaluating your software. First, record their demo request on a web page and then provide them access to download the software. Second, upon installation of the demo or first execution, prompt the user for their user information and then post it to a web server. The advantage of using the second method is that you can distribute your demo via floppy, CD-ROM, or give it to other web sites for distribution and you can still track who is evaluating your product.

The <regid> parameter will be optionally returned to you for storage. When the person then purchases the software, you can then use this previously-stored <regid> value to track a user from evaluation to purchase, providing tremendous marketing information.


Dim result as Long, regid As Long


' Let us say this application is free but the

' user must enter registration data. You could design

' a dialog box that asks the user for this data and

' SK_PostEvalData() can be used to post this information

' to SOLO server, which can then be used for marketing

' or other purposes.


' The parameters sent to this function are text box

' field values.

' *** IMPORTANT: Update the <Product ID> with the value
'                value from SOLO Server below!


result = SK_PostEvalData("swk", "", "/solo/products/trialsignup.asp?FromApp=true&ProductID=<Product ID>", firstname, lastname, "", "", "", "", regid )