Post Registration Data to SOLO server

Applies to:

Win32, Win64


Declare Function SK_PostRegData(ByVal flags as Long, ByVal server as String, ByVal proxy as String, ByVal url as String, ByVal LicenseID as Long, ByVal password as String, ByVal companyname as String, ByVal firstname as String, ByVal lastname as String, ByVal address1 as String, ByVal address2 as String, ByVal city as String, ByVal state as String, ByVal postalcode as String, ByVal country as String, ByVal phone as String, ByVal fax as String, ByVal email as String) As Long


LONG SK_PostRegData( LONG flags, LPSTR server, LPSTR proxy, LPSTR url, LONG LicenseID, LPSTR password, LPSTR companyname, LPSTR firstname, LPSTR lastname, LPSTR address1, LPSTR address2, LPSTR city, LPSTR state, LPSTR postalcode, LPSTR country, LPSTR phone, LPSTR fax, LPSTR email )



SK_SECURE_CONNECTION [32768] Will attempt to use SSL during communication.

SK_NO_OVERWRITE [0] If the user has already registered do not overwrite the existing data.

SK_OVERWRITE [1] If the user has already registered overwrite any user data

<server> is the name or IP address of the SOLO server (do not use prefix of "http://"). For Instant SOLO, use "swk".

<proxy> is the name or IP address and port of any proxy server necessary to access the Internet. The format is server:port. Eg)

<url> is the document path and name to use (must start with "/"). For Instant SOLO, use "/solo/postings/postregdata.asp".

<licenseid> is the LicenseID of the user

<password> is the user’s password

<companyname> the company name to register

<firstname> the first name to register

<lastname> the last name to register

<address1> is the first address to register

<address2> is the second address to register

<city> is the city to register

<state> is the state to register

<postalcode> is the postalcode to register

<country> is the country to register

<phone> is the phone number to register

<fax> is the fax number to register

<email> is the email address to register


This function will allow registration data to be sent from an application to SOLO server.


In addition to the possible return values described in SK_GetErrorStr(), the SOLO server may respond with the value of 100 or greater. A return of 100 means the License ID was not found in the database. A return of 101 means the password is incorrect for the License ID given. A return of 102 means the user has already registered and the flags parameter is set to SK_NO_OVERWRITE.

HTTP Method:


Variables sent:















HTML Return Strings:

Registration Result = (space equals space then data)

Error Response =


Dim result As Long, LicenseId As Long, LicensePw As String


' The parameters sent to this function are text box

' field values.

' ***The following call assumes LicenseId and License Pw have been populated

'  with valid values for the corresponding fields.***


result = SK_PostRegData(SK_SECURE_CONNECTION, "swk", "", "/solo/postings/postregdata.asp", LicenseId, LicensePw,

companyname, firstname, lastname, address1, address2, city, state, postalcode, country,

phone, fax, email )