Get and Process Trigger Code from SOLO Server

Applies to:

Win32, Win64


Declare Function SK_ProcEZTrig1(ByVal hwnd As Long, ByVal filename As String, ByVal password As String, ByVal flags As Long, ByRef errorcode As Long) As Long


LONG SK_ProcEZTrig1(PPHWND hwnd, LPSTR filename, LPSTR password, LONG flags, LPLONG errorcode)


<hwnd> is the Window Handle (HWND) of the application (use 0 if unknown)

<filename> is the name of the master License File

<password> is the License File password

<flags> set to SK_SECURE_CONNECTION [32768] to attempt to use SSL during communication

<errorcode> is a buffer to place an error code. Use 0 to ignore this parameter.


If successful this function will return PP_SUCCESS(1). In addition to the possible return values described in SK_GetErrorStr(), the SOLO server may respond with the value of 100 or greater. The value of 100 means that the data was received properly but that the data entered by the user was not found in the license database. You can display a specific message to this effect when you receive this error code. The HTML necessary to return a specific error code is Error Response = 100 (space equals space then data).


This function is used to retrieve the Trigger Code from a SOLO server and process it according to the EZ Trigger algorithm. This would be performing the exact same function as the user calling you on the telephone to get their Trigger Code event and optional data.

Refer to SK_GetTCData() for HTTP input and output information since this function is called to transfer data between the SOLO server.


Dim errorcode As Long, result As Long


' Now display and process the License ID

' and password received from the web server

result=SK_ProcEZTrig1(Me.hwnd, "c:\sample.ini", "password", 0, errorcode)


If result = 100 Then

MsgBox "The information entered was not validated by the server. Please try again or contact Technical Support." 



MsgBox "That LicenseID has already been used the alloted number of times. Please contact Technical Support to obtain more software keys." 


ElseIf result <> 1 And result <> 22 Then

If result <> 0 Then MsgBox "Error #" & result & " occurred - please contact Technical Support." 



  ' display message and re-evaluate the

  ' security mode

MsgBox "Activation Complete!" 


  ' typically used with DLL interface



  ' typically used with the ActiveX interface


End If