Is Your Licensing System Feeling Out of Control?

Here's what you can do to protect your software and maximize your revenue!

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Have you ever shared your password to a video streaming service with a friend or family member? While it may seem innocent enough, sharing passwords is a form of casual piracy that prevents companies from collecting the revenue they are owed.  If you've created a software package, chances are, people are doing this to you also!

Casual piracy is common with software, as it can be easily copied or shared without a license system in place.  In fact, a 2018 BSA Global software survey reported that unlicensed software represents 37% of all software installed on computers worldwide, with a commercial value of more than $46 billion in lost revenue.

If you aren’t using a software licensing solution or the one you have is outdated, pirates may be siphoning revenue from your business and draining the value of your software.

Protecting Against Theft

There’s no way to completely eliminate the threat of hackers breaking into your software, but much like putting a lock on the front door of a house, a software licensing solution is essential to mitigating the risk of software theft.

To adequately protect your software, you should:

  • Require license keys and product activation to control distribution of your software
  • Employ encryption technology to deter tampering of the license file
  • Define whether concurrent users are allowed to access your software
  • Convert illegal copies into trial versions to increase the exposure to possible new customers

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Protecting Against Virtual Machine Technology

There has been a recent explosion of application and PC virtualization technology which is making it easier than ever for hackers to gain unlicensed usage of your software. To keep more money in your pocket, a software licensing system that employs the security methods above must also detect and/or prevent running your software in these risky environments.

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Embrace Automation to Maintain Control of Your Software

Trying to protect your software without automating the license activation and validation is like having a lock on your front door but no way to control how many people have a copy of the key and when they use it.

If you don’t use an automated license management system to increase secure access to your software, you could be:

  • Losing sales due to license key sharing
  • Wasting money on labor costs for supporting customers who haven’t paid for maintenance contracts
  • Overlooking unauthorized activity because you don’t have a secure system to monitor activations and usage
  • Losing contract renewals because of inefficient tracking methods
  • Missing out on software upgrade revenue because you lack a validation engine to determine a customer’s eligibility for special discounts

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By automating your license management system, you maintain control of your intellectual property and keep in contact with your users. Your licensing system should:

  • Control access to specific features/modules in the same application to simplify installations and offer more options for purchases
  • Generate additional sales by offering free trials of additional features and converting those trials to purchases
  • Maximize the power of the internet and e-Commerce to legitimately get your software into more hands via the global market
  • Keep track of important data through the use of reporting tools accessed by a portal or dashboard.

If you’re looking to really maximize your revenue, your software licensing system can also:

  • Increase total revenue over time with ongoing subscription models with a low ongoing price that doesn’t end. 
  • Increase customer base by embracing subscription or other usage-based (term license) models instead of perpetual models. 
  • Leverage feature-based licenses to provide a customized user-experience with more inherent value and likely longer retention.

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As you can see, it’s painfully obvious that not having a licensing system (or the wrong licensing system) leads to the loss of a significant amount of potential revenue and time for you and your business.

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