SoftwareKey System

What is the SoftwareKey System?

The SoftwareKey System is a turnkey solution that allows you to maintain control of your software for the entire lifecycle of the license.  

SoftwareKey System

At SoftwareKey, we have developed a 3-step approach to help you achieve your goals:

step 1


You want paying customers, not stolen software. Software protection service such as copy protection using our Protection PLUS licensing clients encourages honesty among honest people and protects against strategic theft. 

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step 2


Our central license server, SOLO Server Automation, automates the license distribution and activation process, and allows you to monitor usage of your software while easily managing your customers and licenses.

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step 3


We have found that it is easy to underestimate the level of detail involved in successfully launching and maintaining software license management, which is why we offer Professional Services options to supplement our standard support.

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SoftwareKey System

Product Activation and Licensing with Protection PLUS

Both Simple and Powerful Licensing Interfaces

Step-by-step guidance provided by our implementation wizards gets you up and running quickly and easily with your choice of software protection service from SoftwareKey System. You will be tapping into thousands of lines of licensing code with little or no source code changes.

Software Development Kits (SDKs) give your development team complete control and flexibility over the licensing business logic and user interface - their blank canvas. Application Program Interface (APIs) serve as their palette and paintbrush.

Wide Platform and Technology Support

Built by a team with over 25 years of licensing experience, our Software Development Kits support nearly all types of software on the widest array of platforms:

  • .NET Edition (.NET Framework and .NET Standard supported)
  • Native Edition for Windows
  • Native Edition for macOS (Apple M1 supported)
  • Native Edition for Linux
  • Android Edition (ARM processors supported)
  • Java Edition (Apple M1 and ARM processors supported)
  • Linux Edition for ARM (Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as the Raspberry Pi)

SOLO Server Automation

Maintaining Control

Continually monitoring licenses is required to maximize the control over your software, and SoftwareKey Automation provides you that power.

Validation with the server allows you to securely enforce license deactivations and transfers, including remote deactivations. This can be fully automated, and your customers can use self-service features to transfer their own licenses.

License updates can be made on the server, such as a renewed subscription or upgraded license entitlements, and your software can "refresh" the license from the server to get this updated data.

If the end-user tries to block connection to the license server, your software can require a successful server validation before it is allowed to run, ensuring that you maintain the control over your software.

Each SoftwareKey System package is equipped with the same core features and is compatible with any of our Protection PLUS licensing clients. Sign up for a risk-free 30-day trial account now.