We Provide the Tools to Securely Distribute and Control Access to Your Software

Software product activation & licensing for companies of any size,

because you deserve to be paid for your hard work.

Increase Revenue

Decrease Costs

Save Time

Are you losing money distributing your software because:

  • You don't have software licensing and you don't know where to start?
  • Your software licensing lacks features to allow you to scale your business?
  • Your software licensing system is complicated and time consuming?
  • Your software licensing system requires too many resources?
  • Your software licensing system is too expensive?

How We Do It


Protection PLUS is the lock that is added to your software to secure it before distributing it to customers.

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SOLO Server Automation provides around-the-clock automated software license management.

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SOLO Server Automation 


SoftwareKey support is available to help you use the SoftwareKey System to your best advantage.

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Dustin Armstrong

VP Operations, Tenacity, Inc.

SoftwareKey is a one stop shop for software protection. Tenacity has been using their solutions since we opened in 2004, and I would not consider going anywhere else...The support that these guys offer is top notch. Dealing with the lowest (tier) technician all the way to the company owner has always been a pleasure.

We understand how helpless it can feel to watch your hard work be pirated. You're not just losing revenue, but all of the time and effort you put into creating your product.

There are many types of software piracy, and those on the receiving end don't always understand that what they are doing is piracy.  That's why we created the SoftwareKey System to "keep honest people honest" because we believe that people are inherently good and will do the right thing.

SoftwareKey has been in business for 30 years, helping customers around the world by providing a turnkey solution for their software licensing needs.  We have helped:

Thousands of customers protect their software.

Companies in over 118 countries architect the right plan.

Development teams save hundreds of hours of research.

Increase your revenue in 3 simple phases.



Schedule a free consultation with one of our licensing experts or jump in for a hands-on trial of the SoftwareKey System to confirm we're a good fit.



Activate your trial account of the SoftwareKey System and complete the implementation with your software. Then, test and distribute!



Figure out what to do now that you don't have to worry about software licensing!  Florida is a great vacation destination!

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Licensing Your Software Doesn't Have to be a Challenge

When you've spent years developing software, knowing it can easily be pirated is frustrating. At SoftwareKey, we create product activation and licensing tools so that access to pirated software is denied and you can turn that user into a paying customer.

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