PLUSManaged: Features & Compatibility

The PLUSManaged library has an extensive set of features, and some of these features are specific to or limited to specific operating systems.

Feature Windows macOS Linux
General Features
Copy protection
Read-only and writable license files
Automatically sets privileges on license files
Activation & Electronic License Management (ELM)
Online activation, background checking, and deactivation.
Manual activation
Manual activation via trigger codes
SOLO Server Integration APIs
System Identification Algorithms
Computer name
Domain name
*Hard disk volume serial
Network Interface Card (NIC)
Processor Information (name, vendor, version)
Server host name
User name
Advanced Licensing Features
Virtual machine guest environment detection
Windows Terminal Services / Remote Desktop detection
Network floating licensing via semaphore files
Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing using SOLO Server
Volume licenses
Downloadable licenses with trigger code activation

*On macOS, the hard disk volume serial algorithm is only supported while targeting the 4.0 (v4.0.30319) framework or later, and requires the presence of the MonoMac.dll assembly to function. Any attempt to use it without this assembly present, or while targeting older framework versions, will result in unhandled exceptions being thrown.