SoftwareKey System Overview

The SoftwareKey System is a complete, turnkey solution for software licensing, online license management, automated online software activation, and optionally selling software online. This system is comprised of two products, which may be used independently, but yield the best results when used together. This seamless and powerful client-server combination is suitable for a one-person operation or a sophisticated team of developers. Designed with easy-to-use wizards and wrappers or, if you prefer, the access and flexibility for you to customize and integrate to your heart's content.

For an overview, please view our webinar: Introduction to and Benefits of the SoftwareKey System

Protection PLUS 5 SDK

Protection PLUS 5 SDK the industry standard, software licensing client which is designed to protect your investment in your intellectual property, and positions you to distribute and sell your software.  This is distributed with your software, which runs on your customers' computers.

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

The Protection PLUS 5 SDK APIs offer a common way for your applications to create and manage licenses, and integrate with SOLO Server for Electronic License Managementtm (ELM). Using the APIs affords you and your application ultimate flexibility and control, while saving you an abundance of time by providing a wide range of licensing and ELM functionality in a single, easy-to-use package.  They save you even more time by making this functionality available to you in a consistent manner, on a wide variety of platforms and development frameworks. For .NET developers, the rich, fully managed, object-oriented, PLUSManaged API provides an ideal experience.  Likewise, PLUSNative provides a rich procedural interface for developers writing native applications or applications which can call to shared/dynamic-link libraries. Whether you are new to Protection PLUS 5 SDK, or you are upgrading from Protection PLUS 4 SDK, take a look at the differences between these two generations to see how the SoftwareKey System has been evolving over the decades.

Content Protection

As a software licensing client, Protection PLUS 5 SDK is designed to protect software rather than arbitrary media or content (such as music, images, etc...) However, Protection PLUS 5 SDK is ideal for protecting applications which protect, manipulate, and/or produce content.

SOLO Server

SOLO Server is power packed with features including Electronic License Management (ELM) allowing you and your customers to activate and manage their software 24 hours a day while you maintain control. ELM is the must-have luxury feature for software companies who want to automate their online software business, both with or without integrated e-commerce. SOLO Server is available as a service (SaaS) and as an on-premise solution. Learn more today, and check out the most popular features! We recommend using SOLO Server, but you can also use License Manager to manually activate customers offline.

The following stack graphic illustrates a high level summary of the Protection PLUS 5 SDK and SOLO Server components:

Instant Protection PLUS 3

Instant Protection PLUS 3 is an alternative to the Protection PLUS 5 SDK application programming interfaces (APIs), which provides a wizard-based interface, and requires little to no source code changes. If you are new to licensing or the SoftwareKey System, check-out Instant Protection PLUS 3 to see just how easy it is to add licensing, activation, and optional e-commerce for your application within minutes!