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NetworkSemaphore Properties

The NetworkSemaphore type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCleanupThreadInterval
Gets or sets how frequently, in seconds, the cleanup thread tries to delete each semaphore file. The default is 10 seconds.
Public propertyIsValid
Gets whether or not the network session is still valid.
Public propertyLastError
Gets the last error that occurred.
Public propertySeatsActive
Gets the number of concurrent users.
Public propertySeatsAvailable
Gets the number of remaining seats available.
Public propertySeatsTotal
Gets or sets the number of allowed concurrent users.
Public propertySemaphoreName
Gets the name of the open semaphore file. Returns an empty string if no semaphore file is open.
Public propertySemaphorePath
Gets or sets the absolute path of the directory used to house the semaphore files.
Public propertySemaphorePrefix
Gets or sets the prefix used when creating semaphore files.
Public propertyValidationThreadInterval
Gets or sets how frequently, in seconds, the validation thread checks that the network session is still valid.
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