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NetworkSession Properties

The NetworkSession type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAlwaysSaveCertificate
Gets or sets whether the certificate should always be saved to a file.
Public propertyCertificate
Gets the NetworkSessionCertificate object containing the data from the certificate issued by SOLO Server.
Public propertyCertificateLock
Gets the FileLock object used for locking the certificate file to the process.
Public propertyCertificatePath
Gets the absolute path to the certificate file used when restoring a checked-out session.
Public propertyCurrentIdentifiers
Gets the list of SystemIdentifier objects used to identify the current system.
Public propertyIdentifierAlgorithms
Gets the list of SystemIdentifierAlgorithm objects to use to bind the certificate to the system.
Public propertyLastError
Gets the last error that occurred.
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