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SystemIdentifier Methods

The SystemIdentifier type exposes the following members.

Public methodEquals
Compares two SystemIdentifier objects to see if they identify a the same component.
(Overrides ObjectEquals(Object).)
Protected methodFinalize (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodStatic memberGenerateActivationDataXml
Generates an Activation Data XML document from a specified list of SystemIdentifier objects.
Public methodGetHashCode
Serves as a hash function for a particular type.
(Overrides ObjectGetHashCode.)
Public methodGetType (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodMemberwiseClone (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodToActivationDataString
Generates an XML formatted string of the system identifier, formatted for SOLO Server's XmlActivationService web service.
Public methodToString
Generates an XML formatted string of the SystemIdentifier.
(Overrides ObjectToString.)
Public methodToXml
Generates an XmlDocument of the SystemIdentifier.
Public methodStatic memberTryParse
Parses an XML string representation of a System Identifier.
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