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NetworkSessionValidation Properties

The NetworkSessionValidation type exposes the following members.

Public propertyLastError
Gets or sets the last error encountered in this object.
(Inherited from SystemValidation.)
Public propertySession
Gets or sets the NetworkSession object which is to be validated.
Public propertySystemDateTimeThresholdMinutes
Gets or sets the allowed amount of difference in time (in minutes) between the licensed system's time and SOLO Server's time.
Public propertySystemDateTimeValidator
Gets or sets the SystemDateTimeValidation object which is to perform the validation of system's date and time (null if no date and time validation is to be done).
Public propertySystemIdentifierValidator
Gets or sets the SystemIdentifierValidator object which is to perform the validation of SystemIdentifier objects (null if no SystemIdentifier validation is to be done).
Public propertyUseCertificatePathValidation
Gets or sets whether or not the certificate file's path is validated when the session is checked out.
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