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com.softwarekey.Client.WebService.XmlNetworkFloatingService Namespace
Contains classes and data for making calls to the XmlNetworkFloatingService web service. Direct use of these objects is atypical, as it would normally be used through a [com.softwarekey.Client.Licensing.Network.NetworkSession] object.
Public classCheckinSession
NetworkFloatingServiceCall implementation for checking-in a session which has been checked out by a CheckoutSession call.
Public classCheckoutSession
NetworkFloatingServiceCall implementation for checking a session out for offline use, which may later be checked back in by a CheckinSession call.
Public classCloseSession
NetworkFloatingServiceCall implementation for closing a session which has been opened by an OpenSession call.
Public classNetworkFloatingServiceCall
Base class from which all calls to SOLO Server's XmlNetworkFloatingService are implemented.
Public classOpenSession
NetworkFloatingServiceCall implementation for opening a new session. The opened session can be polled/checked by a PollSession call, or closed by a CloseSession call.
Public classPollSession
NetworkFloatingServiceCall implementation for polling a session which was opened by an OpenSession call.
Public classXmlNetworkFloatingService
SoapHttpClientProtocol implementation for calling methods in SOLO Server's XmlNetworkFloatingService web service.