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com.softwarekey.Client.Gui Namespace
Contains classes and data for licensing GUIs, such as the PLUSManagedGui Windows Forms component.
Public classLicenseManagementActionCompleteEventArgs
Contains properties with data about a completed license management action.
Public classLicenseStatusEntry
Represents a license status entry.
Public classLicensingGui
Contains settings for a licensed application.
Public classManualActionLoadRequestedEventArgs
Contains event arguments for the ManualActionLoadRequested event.
Public classManualActionSaveRequestedEventArgs
Contains event arguments for the ManualActionSaveRequested event.
Public enumerationLicenseManagementActionTypes
Types of license management actions which may occur.
Public enumerationLicenseStatusIcon
Different status icons.
Public enumerationLicensingGuiDialog
License dialogs which may be displayed through the ShowDialog(LicensingGuiDialog, IWin32Window) method.