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HardDiskVolumeSerialIdentifierAlgorithmGetIdentifiers Method (HardDiskVolumeSerialFilterType)
Generates a generic list of HardDiskVolumeSerialIdentifier objects with the specified filter. This overrides the value in the Filter property (but does not change this property's value).

Namespace: com.softwarekey.Client.Licensing
Assembly: PLUSManaged (in PLUSManaged.dll) Version:
public List<SystemIdentifier> GetIdentifiers(
	HardDiskVolumeSerialFilterType filter


Type: com.softwarekey.Client.LicensingHardDiskVolumeSerialFilterType
The filter used to omit unwanted identifiers.

Return Value

Type: ListSystemIdentifier
Returns a generic list of HardDiskVolumeSerialIdentifier objects.

The list of HardDiskVolumeSerialIdentifier objects contains an identifier for each drive letter not omitted by the specified filter. See HardDiskVolumeSerialFilterType for a list of supported filter types, and notes on the behavior for each.

Caution note Caution

The volume format serial is generated when a partition is formatted, which means you should be mindful of the following possibilities when considering use of this algorithm:

  • The volume format serial is generated for a given partition. A fixed drive may contain multiple partitions, so this does not directly identify a physical drive. Partitions may be duplicated onto other computers via system imaging tools such as Norton Ghost, which may result in this information staying the same, even on dissimilar hardware.
  • Formatting a drive or partition will result in a new volume format serial being generated.
  • If the software is running in a virtual machine guest environment, it may be possible for that environment to be replicated and run in multiple copies. This would result in this information remaining the same across all copies of a given guest environment. The VirtualMachineValidation class (not available in PLUSManaged for .NET Standard) can help detect this kind of environment.
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