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com.softwarekey.Client.Utils Namespace
Contains utility classes.
Public classAuthorEncryptionKey
Class for internal encryption key data storage and use.
Public classFileLock
Utility class for locking files to the current process.
Public classInternetConnectionInformation
Tests Internet Connectivity by making a test request.
Public classIOHelper
Utility class for working with files, directories, and permissions.
Public classManualRequestFile
Utility class for creating HTML files to simplify client manual request processing.
Public classSimpleNetworkTime
Class for performing SNTP queries.
Public classXmlHelper
Contains common XML manipulation routines.
Public enumerationFileLockFileLockDeleteMode
Enumeration for specifying how and if file deletion is necessary after unlocking the file.
Public enumerationRegistryViews
Windows registry views (requires .NET Framework 4.0 and later)