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WritableLicense Constructor
Creates a new WritableLicense object with the cryptographic data (in the AuthorEncryptionKey object), encryption options, product information, and identifier algorithms.

Namespace: com.softwarekey.Client.Licensing
Assembly: PLUSManaged (in PLUSManaged.dll) Version:
public WritableLicense(
	AuthorEncryptionKey encryptionKey,
	bool useEncryptedFile,
	bool useWebServiceEncryption,
	int productId,
	string productVersion,
	List<SystemIdentifierAlgorithm> identifierAlgorithms


Type: com.softwarekey.Client.UtilsAuthorEncryptionKey
The AuthorEncryptionKey object required for cryptographic routines.
Type: SystemBoolean
When true, uses an encrypted License File. (Set to true if unsure.)
Type: SystemBoolean
When try, XML web service requests are encrypted. (Set to true if unsure.)
Type: SystemInt32
The Product ID for the Product which is being licensed from SOLO Server. (Set to zero (0) if you are not using SOLO Server.)
Type: SystemString
The current version of the product (must be formatted like x.x.x.x, where each 'x' is a non-negative integer that is no longer than 5 digits). Use an empty string to ignore the version number.
Type: System.Collections.GenericListSystemIdentifierAlgorithm
A generic list of SystemIdentifierAlgorithm objects (typically one object for each algorithm being used) to use to automatically initialize the CurrentIdentifiers property.
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