SOLO Server Product Configuration

Before you can begin issuing and activating licenses, you must define and configure the products and product options in SOLO Server which will be used to issue your application's licenses. This topic is designed to guide you through adding your first product option, and assumes you have already defined your licensing requirements. Additionally, the SOLO Server manual can be viewed by clicking the menu Help / Manual or Help / Help for this Page in the very top right of the administrative web interface.


Before you distribute production copies of your application, it is imperative that you update your application with encryption key data from your activated SOLO Server account.

In SOLO Server, a product is defined to describe your application as a whole, and may contain one or many product options. For each type of license your application will support and require activation to use, at least one product option needs to be defined. In this guide, we will use an example product named "XYZ Product" with the following example licensing requirements: