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GetLicenseStatus Class

Implementation for calling server-side scripts which were originally designed to work with the Automation Client's SK_GetLicenseStatus and SK_GetLicenseStatusEx functions.

Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: com.softwarekey.Client.Compatibility.ProtectionPLUS4
Assembly: PLUSManaged (in PLUSManaged.dll) Version:
public class GetLicenseStatus : AutomationClientWebFormCall

The GetLicenseStatus type exposes the following members.

Public methodGetLicenseStatus
Creates a new GetLicenseStatus object.
Public propertyAutomationClientErrorCode
Gets or sets the Automation Client error code.
(Inherited from AutomationClientWebFormCall.)
Public propertyContentEncoding
Gets or sets the encoding used for the request and response (UTF-8 is the default).
(Inherited from WebFormCall.)
Public propertyContentType
Gets or sets the content type ("application/x-www-form-urlencoded" is the default).
(Inherited from WebFormCall.)
Public propertyLastException
Gets or sets the last Exception that occurred when calling the web form.
(Inherited from WebFormCall.)
Public propertyLicenseID
Gets or sets the License ID (required).
Public propertyLicenseUpdate
Gets the License Update data.
Public propertyPassword
Gets or sets password (required).
Public propertyProductID
Gets or sets the Product ID. When specified, the License ID must be for the Product ID specified.
Public propertyProxy
Gets or sets the proxy server settings. Leave as null/Nothing to use the system's default proxy settings.
(Inherited from WebFormCall.)
Public propertyProxyAuthenticationRequired
Gets or sets whether the proxy server requires authentication.
(Inherited from WebFormCall.)
Public propertyReplacedBy
Gets the License ID which replaced the License ID which was validated by this object.
Public propertyRequireSsl
Gets or sets whether or not SSL is required.
(Inherited from WebFormCall.)
Public propertyResponse
Gets or sets the response returned from the server.
(Inherited from WebFormCall.)
Public propertyStatus
Gets the status of the License ID.
Public propertyStatusCode
Gets or sets the status code of the response returned from the server.
(Inherited from WebFormCall.)
Public propertyTimeout
Gets or sets the timeout (in milliseconds). The default is 30000 milliseconds (or 30 seconds).
(Inherited from WebFormCall.)

In general, if you are using SOLO Server, you should be using License.CheckInstallationStatus or the WebServiceCall implementation for status checks. The same information can also be retrieved from SOLO Server using InfoCheck.

Note Note

Before calling the CallWebForm method, the following properties must be set:

Optional fields that may be populated before calling CallWebForm method include:

This example shows how to make a typical activation call for a PLUSManaged license:
public bool RetrieveLicenseStatus(int licenseID, string password, int productID, out string status, out int replacedBy, out string licenseUpdate)
    //TODO: The URL used below is for SOLO Server Shared URL.  You will need to update this URL if you are using Instant SOLO Server Dedicated URL, or SOLO Server.
    GetLicenseStatus statusCall = new GetLicenseStatus("");
    statusCall.LicenseID = licenseID;
    statusCall.Password = password;
    statusCall.ProductID = productID;

    //TODO: Initialize the Proxy property here as appropriate if you need to support proxy server authentication.

    bool successful = statusCall.CallWebForm();
    if (successful)
        status = statusCall.Status;
        replacedBy = statusCall.ReplacedBy;
        licenseUpdate = statusCall.LicenseUpdate;
        status = "";
        replacedBy = 0;
        licenseUpdate = "";
        //TODO: Evaluate the AutomationClientErrorCode, LastException, and ProxyAuthenticationRequired properties for possible reasons why the call failed.

    return successful;
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