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All About SoftwareKey

There's Something About SoftwareKey

We know that you're dying to know what it is about SoftwareKey that makes us stand out in our industry. As we sat down to think about it, we had a hard time narrowing it down to a few short sentences. Instead, we created this page to highlight what makes SoftwareKey tick, what gets us going, and why we believe so strongly in offering affordable software protection to companies worldwide.

Read on to learn more about SoftwareKey and why we love what we do!

Our Mission

We provide peace-of-mind to software companies of all sizes around the world by providing a system to enforce software entitlements and combat piracy. Our automated system monitors and controls usage of their software so that they can save time, increase revenue and focus on growing their business.

Our Backstory

How It All Started

It seems like every tech and software company was started in someone's garage or college dorm room. I have to be honest when I say this one did, too. While I was in college, I wrote my first commercial software application to help my local radio station randomize playlists more easily.  The only problem? No commercial software licensing options were available waaaay back in 1988. As interest in my application began to grow, I took it upon myself to design and write a product activation program to protect my software from casual or accidental piracy. 

 The actual desk where the first orders were processed!

That was the birth of what is now SoftwareKey.com.

Early success allowed us to build a team based on shared core values. Our spirit of camaraderie, support and focus on relationships is why SoftwareKey has been able to thrive. 

Fast forward almost three decades and we are now a leader in the software activation industry, serving thousands of customers in more than 118 countries.  

By combining a love of technology, the innate desire to help others succeed, and the creative ingenuity of Team SoftwareKey, we continue to thrill our customers.  Our proudest achievement, though, is that our very first SoftwareKey System customer still considers our products and services to be an integral part of their operations!



Concept Software, Inc. / SoftwareKey.com

Our Guiding Principles

    Our Guiding Principles

We provide the means to securely distribute and maintain control of your software, because you deserve to be paid for what you have created.


We Take an Owner's Perspective

Your success is our success, so we'll treat your concerns and needs as our own to help determine or develop the right solution.


We're Solutions Focused

We're problem solvers.  For 30 years, we have embraced a spirit of creativity and ingenuity that is integral to our customers’ continued growth and success.  


We're Dedicated Self-Starters

We actively seek out knowledge and guidance to ensure that we're providing the best support possible for our customers.

We're not about the quick fix, but strive to find the fix quickly while keeping your long-term needs in mind.

The things we do every day to help our customers:

We're Curious and Ask Questions

We understand that the best way to understand our customers' core needs is to ask the right questions.  

Asking questions will help us lead our customers down the correct path for their long-term goals.  

We Seek Knowledge

We're always learning more about ourselves, our products and our industry.  

We love it when someone presents us with a new challenge, because we enjoy the journey of learning and figuring out new things.  We share what we learn with each other and with our customers.

We Have Fun!

We do our best to find the fun in what we do and make each other smile every day.  

We help each other overcome challenges and celebrate each other's successes.  

Our Core Values

    Our Core Values

Get it done right

Clients trust us to build things that work and we take that responsibility seriously. As a team of problem solvers, we thrive by overcoming obstacles, finding solutions, and delivering exceptional results. 

Learn and evolve

Our team is smart, but we also know there is always more to learn. We feel empowered to make decisions for the good of the customer and the company because we know that we have each others' backs. Even when a mistake happens, we view it as an opportunity to learn and grow into an even more adaptable company for our customers.

Be accountable

We act with integrity and communicate honestly. Sharing our goals with each other gives us the support and accountability we need to take ownership of projects and see them through - we genuinely enjoy helping one another succeed. 

Enjoy the journey

From celebrating daily wins to milestone anniversary lunches, we make sure everyone feels appreciated and valued for their contribution to the team. We understand that life is short and it should be enjoyed.  Our office door prominently says "Sense of humor inside" as a reminder to bring some fun into each day.

Our Team

Meet Team SoftwareKey

Team SoftwareKey prides itself on being a diverse mix of backgrounds, cultures, interests and personalities.  We encourage individuality and open discourse, which creates an atmosphere of close teamwork to provide you with the highest level of service and support of which we are capable.  Plus, we have a lot of fun together!