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SoftwareKey System Free Trial

Start your SoftwareKey System FREE TRIAL for thirty days!

See for yourself how you can harness the power of the SoftwareKey System to maximize your software's revenue potential with our software licensing FREE TRIAL. From protecting your software to fully automating license delivery, activation, and management, the SoftwareKey System has got you covered throughout the complete license management lifecycle.

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Wish I found SoftwareKey sooner!

We wasted $15,000 with a Microsoft Gold partner to provide a licensing solution for our software. While this was a failed project, we WERE able to successfully create two licensing models using the SoftwareKey System at a substantially lower cost.

The ease of implementing a licensing solution for an individual with little coding experience (like myself) was the best thing about the SoftwareKey System.

I highly recommend the SoftwareKey System!

Peter Boyd Bulding Code Examiner at City of Phoenix