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Start your SoftwareKey System FREE TRIAL for thirty days!

See for yourself how you can harness the power of the SoftwareKey System to maximize your software's revenue potential with our software licensing FREE TRIAL. From protecting your software to fully automating license delivery, activation, and management, the SoftwareKey System has got you covered throughout the complete license management lifecycle.

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Able to protect unwanted copying of our software

We have been using the SoftwareKey System since 2002 to protect e-learning courses that we sell as installed software. Over the years we have many record-keeping systems to track customer usage and billing of our products, but ultimately, the data in SoftwareKey proved to be the easiest to maintain, accurate and simple to access.

We felt we needed to protect our software against people unknowingly misusing it. It worked...often we would get people trying to install our software in other sites of a company which was against our license. I don't think that people intentionally (most of the time) tried to get around our license, but when they did, we knew about it.

Robin McDermott Dir of Training/Resource Engineering, Inc.