I feel like an important customer, not just another number

My company provides project scheduling services and software.

Customer service was absolutely the most important feature I was looking for. I knew that whichever licensing solution I selected, I would be partnered with that company for a long time! Tanner and the team at SoftwareKey were awesome! I used two hours of jump start services to get everything up and running and a third hour to review everything and to make some tweaks to my licensing strategy. And now I am up and running and couldn't be happier! And I know that the SoftwareKey team is just an email away to answer any of my questions as they come up.

SoftwareKey played a huge role in releasing my first software application. I spent months looking at licensing solutions before finally selecting SoftwareKey. Couldn't be happier!

SoftwareKey offers a complete licensing solution that is easy to implement. And if you are a coder that is not familiar with licensing, they offer great customer care to get you up and running.

In my opinion, what separates SoftwareKey from other licensing solutions that I looked at is the customer care. They are very responsive to emails and they offer an excellent jump start service to get you up and running. They want my business and they are willing to work with me and support me to keep my business. I don't just feel like another number. I feel like an important customer with SoftwareKey. Not to mention that the licensing solution is great as well!

Jason Grabowski Owner / Baseline Achieved, LLC

Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing has greatly simplified our license authentication process

Our institute provides leading-edge bridge engineering software tools for use in bridge design.

Configuration and management of client licenses is quite easy with SOLO Server. The code samples provided to help set up the licensing interface between our products and the licensing libraries are thorough and intuitive. I particularly liked having separate projects corresponding to all recent versions of Visual Studio.

The Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing option has greatly simplified our license authentication process. Moving from a LAN approach to a WAN approach has also made our clients' lives easier, as they only need to manage one account for all offices instead of the one-license-per-office approach. And if it makes our clients happy, it makes us happy.

License authentication time using the Cloud approach is proving to be significantly faster than license authentication using a WAN approach in conjunction with some clients' own server.

The SoftwareKey team has been extremely responsive in assisting us with implementation of cloud-controlled network licensing. They've answered our questions and helped with troubleshooting on multiple occasions, including outside of normal business hours.

Clint Monari Lead UI Developer, Bridge Software Institute

SoftwareKey's tools for LabVIEW has allowed us to sell worldwide without an extensive investment of time or money

Our company provides hardware and software products and solutions for test, measurement and control for all industrial fields. Many of the solutions are based on the National Instruments hardware and software products, especially LabVIEW. We also provide specific data management solutions based on JAVA and Eclipse.

The available SoftwareKey integration with LabVIEW, the multi-platform capabilities as well as the automated license management allow us to efficiently implement licensing for our different products.

Our product Localization Toolkit for LabVIEW (LTK) targets a global market. Licensing with SoftwareKey enabled us to sell our product worldwide successfully without extensive investments in licensing. The ability to use the SoftwareKey licensing for a very different, much more complex JAVA based product avoided a new learning curve for our developers. We are very satisfied.

SoftwareKey provides a real simple implementation to LabVIEW which enables you to add licensing to your LabVIEW applications in a glimpse. The easiness does not limit the power which can be accessed for more complex needs in licensing, also on different platforms and different development environments.

Dr. Gerd Schmitz CEO and Co-Founder, S.E.A. Datentechnik GmbH

The SoftwareKey System Makes Our Life Easy and Helps Keep Costs Low

Our company develops software for risk management and quantitative risk analysis.

We're very impressed with the electronic license management and license activation features of the SoftwareKey System. This makes our life easy as we can keep the licensing for all of our products including web applications in one place. We are also amazed by the network floating licensing feature, which is quick and easy to implement!

We've been able to keep our administration costs low by applying a similar approach to licensing of various software applications and a new employee could pick up the license management job in no time.

I don't think there's anything one could want in terms of license management on top of what SoftwareKey is offering. Implementation is intuitive and well explained in the manual and samples.

We are very happy with the SoftwareKey System's set of tools - we have relied on them for more than 10 years now and they have never failed us. Their client support is also brilliant - always helpful and timely.

Timour Koupeev Vose Software, Head of Development

We have been a Protection PLUS user for 20 years!

We are test specialists in leadership selection & development, hiring, career testing, and clinical & personality testing.

We have been a Protection PLUS user for 20 years. We have hundreds of software installations that rely on SoftwareKey's protection.

We needed a solution that didn't require USB devices, was resistant to tampering but also resistant to protection failures, in order to reduce our support costs and increase customer satisfaction.

We particularly like the simple integration into our Windows software. We needed to be able to track licenses and pay-per-use to computers not on public networks. As Windows has evolved, so has the Protection PLUS product.

We're looking forward to upgrading to Protection PLUS 5 SDK and taking advantage of network licensing and the .NET model.

Richard Sleegers SIGMA Assessment Systems, Inc.

We provide telephony software to commercial and government agencies. This software assists them in making their phone systems accessible to individuals with disabilities.

I love the SoftwareKey built-in shopping cart and tools they provide to protect our software from theft. It is nice to see sales come in at 3am. They also have excellent technical staff who helps with other things related to ecommerce.

SoftwareKey is a one stop shop for software protection. Tenacity has been using their solutions since we opened in 2004, and I would not consider going anywhere else.

The support that these guys offer is top notch. Dealing with the lowest technician all the way to the company owner has always been a pleasure.

Dustin Armstrong VP Operations, Tenacity, Inc.

Quick and efficient system with a minimal learning curve

Our company manufactures key cutting machines, locksmith tools and locksmith related software.

The SoftwareKey System gives us the ability to track installations and licenses in a quick, efficient way.

For years we used programmer-based security on our software. For the most part it worked well, but we never really had any way to limit the number of installations of our product. SOLO Server allows us to track when licenses are being used and by whom.

While I work with our programmer, I am not a software programmer. AutoCrypt SL and SOLO Server is easy to use and set up with minimal learning curve.

Phil Agius Framon Manufacturing, VP Sales

SoftwareKey was a good decision for us

SoftwareKey was able to help us address a business need in a quick and professional manner. They have consistently shown us how flexible and helpful their staff is. We took the selection of a vendor very seriously and the decision has proven to be a good one.

Dave Poulin Senior Business Development Manager, Panasonic Computer Solutions Company

A powerful and flexible solution with very good customer service

We deliver innovation to grow Australia's resource base, increase productivity and drive environmental performance.

We use Protection PLUS 5 Native along with Instant SOLO server. It's a powerful, flexible solution that gives us a lot of choice in how we would like our licenses to work, and it extends easily to a complete e-commerce solution.

We have been working with an "offline" sales model. Once we go live with our SoftwareKey solution, we will have a system with transparent pricing that can sell our software 24 hours a day and have a customer licensed & running the software in minutes.

It's a good solution with very good customer service.

I have contacted SoftwareKey support on a broad range of issues from licensing ideas to technical Protection PLUS 5 programming problems. They always respond rapidly and knowledgably. I have never had a box-ticking or tunnel-vision experience with them. There's a clear impression of involvement and commitment.

Peter Mason Scientific Programmer, CSIRO Mineral Resources

Very happy to extend our licensing system to include Android and Linux platforms

Our company provides barcode decoding and barcode authentication software for Auto ID industry.

The license activation feature is by far my favorite feature. We have used Protection PLUS 4 and Instant Protection PLUS 3 for many years, but after the release of Protection PLUS 5 we like it even more because it allowed us to extend this activation/licensing system to Android and Linux platforms.

By automating license activation we have saved a lot of time for ourselves and - most importantly - improved our product offering for our customers.

Do not hesitate with SoftwareKey - it's a solid company, great competitive products and outstanding customer support.

Anatoliy Shishkin President, 2D Technology Group, Inc.

SoftwareKey is a business partner you can trust

Our company began working with SoftwareKey ten years ago to help us protect our flagship software. Our company had been victimized by a torrent download site that was giving away our software for free. We were devastated that our hard work and the livelihood of our company’s existence was being given away. Our software needed protection.

SoftwareKey was the perfect answer. Their products helped us to easily wrap and protect our executables. The software was easy to learn and use. We found that we actually had better contact with our customers via SoftwareKey’s activation and registration system.

Ann Rutter Treasurer at The Electric Quilt Company

The SoftwareKey team is always commited to our success

We've been using the SoftwareKey System for several years. We engaged SoftwareKey as part of our development team to extend their standard system functionality to meet new requirements as well as design a scalable hosting platform. This project was a major success, and we were impressed with the depth and breadth of their team's technical abilities.

We later used SoftwareKey to create a subscription version of our product and provide a deep integration with our ecommerce system. They defined an elegant solution, completed their tasks quickly, and provided clear documentation. The SoftwareKey team was committed to the success of each project, leading to smooth product launches.

Nancy Canty VP of Product Management, Blue Ridge Networks, Inc.

Integral in getting our brand off the ground

SoftwareKey has been integral in getting our brand off the ground by creating a centralized portal for administrators and customers to access products, license keys, and activations. The SoftwareKey System was simple to integrate with our existing products.

Jesse Seger Senior Developer, Hawk Ridge Systems

A++++ support from SoftwareKey

A++++ support from SoftwareKey! First your software is easy to use and flexible enough to accommodate new and legacy products. More importantly, your support team is phenomenal. The dedication you showed to solving our unique situation was more than just appreciated, it was praised. The ultimate result was a flawless installation and activation by our customers... a definite tribute to SoftwareKey.

Deb Babbitt Software and Engineering Associates, Inc.

Our licensing costs fell 30%

In the past, we used dongles to protect our software. The average investment we had to do for each license sold was very high, while the administrative costs of mailing USB keys were also high. Today, thanks to SoftwareKey, our licensing costs fell more than 30 times, managing to have a single solution that solved several problems.

Juan Manuel Garrido EGA Futura

Working licensing solution in a week with zero problems

Late this past Summer we downloaded your Protection PLUS try-before-you-buy package, and signed up for the trial Instant SOLO Server. In less than a week we had a working licensing solution in our product, and we purchased Protection PLUS and signed up for Instant SOLO Server. Now, some two months after our successful worldwide product launch, I can say this: We've had VIRTUALLY ZERO licensing problems! Our support cost is -ZERO-! The only cost has been the small Instant SOLO Server processing fee for each sale, which is quite reasonable.

Noel Carboni Owner, ProDigital Software

They put in overtime to help us with a critical issue

SoftwareKey has been an important part of our business in terms of securing out intellectual property with their software protection and allowing us to implement a pay as you use business model which is a first in our industry, Their support is always responsive and when we recently had a critical issue that was preventing the release of our latest version of software, they worked over many hours to track down the problems and solve it. This was a great relief and allowed us to ship our product and keep the sales coming in.

Graeme Cox Engineering Director, DAVCO Farming

Thank you for the SOLO Server FastSpring Integration

Thank you for the SOLO Server FastSpring integration! I chose FastSpring because of their "reseller store" and your integration is working perfectly because of the way SOLO Server can respond to the poweful FastSpring fulfillment actions. This is really cool for anyone who sells through resellers or Value Added Resellers. I was able to configure everything by following your configuration manual topic. Great job!

John Paterson CEO, Dingosoft Pty Ltd

Auditing brought revenue for additional 1000 units in the first month

Our staff, having sold mostly unprotected software up until this past year, has always relied on the reports from the distributors. We had a recent discrepancy involving our Retail sales reports for which we couldn't reconcile. SOLO Server ended up making it easy to audit the quarterly reports, showing where the distributor had accidentally left off over 1000 units that were previously sold. The bottom line is, SOLO Server saved the day and prevented any further delay in royalties due from the distributors.

Dan Van Hoose 5381 Partners

SoftwareKey continues to exceed my expectations

We've been using SoftwareKey since 2005. They have been essential to our ability to license our software, and they haven't had any issues keeping up with our growth. SoftwareKey has been incredibly responsive with my needs and requests for features. Their support is also very proactive with issues I didn't even know I needed to fix. I can't recommend them enough when it comes to a product licensing. They are there whenever we need them, and they also continue to exceed my expectations when it comes to our company's needs.

Vu Nguyen Web and E-commerce Manager, RoboMatter

Allowed us to expand into new markets

Your product is fantastic and allowed us to expand into markets that would otherwise be impossible for us.

Ray Smith Managing Director, AppliCad

Fantastic solutions provider who will bend over backwards to help

We have been able to provide entitlement management and software protection capabilities to two new .NET software products we are in the process of launching. The SoftwareKey team really puts their customers first and responds very quickly and effectively to support queries raised. Their software is also well designed and powerfully featured.

I recommend that you take advantage of their fantastic support.

Sterren Fisher Lead Software Developer at Atkins Transportation

World-class customer support and proven operational excellence

SoftwareKey has world-class customer support and proven operational excellence. They work hard to ensure complete satisfaction with every order. What convinced us was the complete array of features of SOLO Server along with their tremendous customer support that is essential to maintaining your business.

John Huhn CEO NewStream Solutions

Successful migration and savings from hardware keys (dongles)

We've been using software licensing technology since 1988. There are many very expensive systems out there that deliver far less than SoftwareKey. Protection PLUS is easier to use than the hardware keys we'd used for decades, implementation is faster, more key-based options can be stored, and it's less expensive on an annual basis than both hardware keys and many competitive software solutions we investigated.

Licensing is an unfortunate necessity to prevent theft. This solution saves significant time that otherwise might be spent programming individual hardware keys (dongles), and the responsibility of key programming has been off-loaded to accounting personnel rather than taking up time for engineering personnel.

Mike Norworth MPN Software System Inc.

Affordable licensing solution and a great support team

The SoftwareKey team was willing to work with us on a couple of custom needs we had and provided great support for our licensing needs for 6+ years. We were able to go to market with confidence, knowing that our software would be protected against piracy.

Joe Herres VP, Product. H3 Solutions/Mobile Entree

SoftwareKey is Reliable

First and foremost, it works and when we need help we get it. Dependability is second to none - of any product I have used in the last 3 decades. They are receptive to constructive criticism, and are always honest in their approach. The ability to control all licensing activations and operations from a central panel makes life so much easier.

SoftwareKey created a custom report for us, which allows us to view our licensing base - and what version they are on - in the blink of an eye.

Proper licensing ensures installation and end-user legal compliance. Their systems are 100% dependable and the solution is cost effective.

Chuck Vigeant President & CEO, CLEARIFY

Flexible and stable for thousands of users

We have used Protection PLUS for many years with thousands of users, and it has been a very flexible and stable product. We recently encountered an issue requiring FIPS-compliance in our software in order to participate with some US government contracts. We contacted SoftwareKey support to inquire about a FIPS-compliant version of Protection PLUS. Even though it required a special build of their library, they researched the issue and provided a solution very quickly. This was a big deal for us to support some large companies evaluating our product.

Andre Martinez Executive Business Services, Inc.

The best investment I have ever made for my business

I just want to thank you SoftwareKey for the # 1 greatest product and customer service that you have supplied me with for the past nine years. My business could not operate without you and you take so much of the work load out of my business that you could not even imagine. SoftwareKey is like having your very own special department for your own business. SoftwareKey has the # 1 greatest one-on-one customer support that you could ever ask for. I know SoftwareKey has been the best investment I have ever made for my business and I look forward to many more years of doing business with you. Keep up the great work and as always I look forward to seeing what new feature you have for us coming in the future.

Ray White Fog Line Software LLC

Your automation generates more income

You have allowed us to automate much of our licensing process and saved us a lot of time in terms of resource allocation. As a result, we have sold more products and generated more income.

Erik Toraason IntegrityWare, Inc.

Customization will significantly increase our license volume

Thank you for providing us a customized download page for our software. It will allow us to send multiple files to our customers and also allow us to embed the license information in the file that is downloaded. We expect to significantly increase the number of licenses issued in the near future and appreciate your stable license management system.

Jörg Supke emotive GmbH

They always help me with a prompt, cheerful, and very easy to understand response

We have been using SOLO Server along with Protection PLUS 4 SDK for several years. We recently upgraded to Protection PLUS 5 SDK, and the SoftwareKey support team has helped make the transition a success. With our software release date quickly approaching, things began to become a bit hectic and I had some urgent questions that needed answers. SoftwareKey support promptly supplied me with more than ample documentation, and got me on the right path to resolving my issue that night before the start of the next business day. No matter how simple (or dumb) of a question I have, they always help me towards a resolution with a prompt, cheerful, and very easy to understand response.

Adam Reue Senior Software Engineering Project Manager, Revcord

Best IT Support by a Country Mile

Every time I raise a ticket with SoftwareKey, it gets dealt with promptly and with insight. Your team should be congratulated on such a consistently good performance. TRUST me, I deal with a number of IT support sites and yours is the best by a country mile.

Ian Batey CEO, IDMB Advisory LTD

Confident in SoftwareKey's products and developer team competency

We are very pleased with the SoftwareKey team's dedication and professionalism in resolving complicated issues related to the newly introduced products. We've been using the SoftwareKey System for several years and every time when we needed support we did get it promptly and in a friendly manner. Recent release of Protection PLUS 5 expands SoftwareKey System functionality to additional platforms and processor architectures. We are planning to start using this new protection system in the very near future because we are confident in the company's products and developer team competency.

Anatoliy Shishkin President, 2D Technology Group, Inc.

Sent a protected version of my software to a client in a few hours

I just completed a rather extensive search of software licensing products and your product won me over hands down over everything else I looked at. I was able to do an Instant Protection PLUS package of an application and send to a client within a few hours, and that includes installing your product, reading all the options, extensive testing on the output, etc. It's very well done, especially the solid, clear documentation.

Edgar T. Hammer III President, SSI Consulting Group

Integral component of our products

The Protection PLUS license management system is an integral component of our products.

Tim Peer eNVy Systems Inc

Unwavering licensing confidence in nearly 1 Million units per year

I have overseen a myriad of product launches, each time I have unwavering confidence in the licensing and distribution strategy that always has SoftwareKey at its center. Our company distributes nearly 1 million units of both downloadable and physical software products, with many sold through retail stores. The ability to offer subscriptions makes it easy to capture renewal revenue and the copy protection is critical for our products.

Dan Van Hoose VP of Sales for 123copydvd.com

Try it and you will like it

BacktoCad specializes in CAD Conversion software from PDF to DXF/DWG DGN Etc...With SOLO Server I like the fact that i can deactivate/reset licenses and find customers easily. I don't have to worry about fraud or sending software. It is all handled by SoftwareKey. Try it and you will like it. The update was great.

Luis Gaytan Customer Service- BackToCAD Technologies, LLC

WebXCopy uses SOLO Server to manage URL-based licenses because we wanted to find a solution where we could license our component based upon both single and multiple domain names for a given company.

Steve Ding President of NetDetail, LLC

SOLO Server was commissioned after significant planning and testing was executed. We were pleased to see successful orders coming through right away. I have been dealing with SoftwareKey off and on for 10 years.

Robert Moore President of 321 Studios

I would really like to thank you for your great customer service and responsiveness. It's hard to see such great support and responsiveness nowadays, we really appreciate it.

SERHAT GÜLER Lexogen, Inc.

With SoftwareKey My Application is Fully Protected

Our company develops educational applications that are meant for tertiary institutions by employing the concept of gamification.

I have been using Protection PLUS since 2014 and so far I have no complaints. I am a bit more at ease when distributing my application to individuals whom I don't fully know. It's simply so because I believe with SoftwareKey my application is fully protected. I hope to upgrade to SOLO Server someday when my application hopefully grows.

Paul Ugoji Total Automation Concepts Ltd

Thank you! I'd also simply like to say you guys have been amazing, I've sent multiple tickets the past few weeks and the promptness and fullness of your replies has been brilliant!

Henry He Overland Conveyor Company Inc.

I would like to thank the SoftwareKey team for the excellent service we received during the past years. I won’t hesitate to recommend your services to others!

Chao Han President, VirtualGrid

The SoftwareKey System just works

We're a desktop publishing company focused on solutions built around Adobe InDesign. We sell shrink-wrapped plug-ins and do consulting work as well.

With the SoftwareKey System, it's easy to integrate C++ licensing solutions that's seamlessly cross-platform on Windows and Mac. The reliable feature set drastically reduced customer support requests around licensing. The online portal for customers to manage licenses on their own is great. They also have fantastic hands-on customer support that makes integration much easier.

The SoftwareKey System just works. We're very happy with SOLO Server. It's helped our business a lot.

Lawrence Horwitz President, Teacup Software, Inc.

The Jump Start Service Was Great and Helped Me Relax and Sort Things Out

We are a new startup business and will initially be selling software to the construction industry and providing consulting services.

What I really like about the SoftwareKey System is that it's quick to setup, provides full automation when using SOLO Server for customers to download and activate software instantly and it will also integrate with FastSpring for payments.

We are in the process of launching our first product. I went with the SoftwareKey System as the system looked relatively easy to implement and the fact that the client can purchase, download and activate automatically without me having to deal with that side of things is a great time saver.

I researched a lot of different products and kept coming back to SoftwareKey for the below reasons. They have a large amount of online information including online tutorials, webinars and tips, etc. which is great. As I am totally new to the licensing of software, one massive thing for me was good customer support for which I have only read good reviews about in regards to SoftwareKey. I also found their pricing to be very reasonable - especially important to me was that I did not want to be paying out huge amounts for the software automation for downloading and activating the software. This was important to me as a new start up company and not having massive cash reserves to rely on until the product gets some traction.

I used the Jump Start Service a few nights ago to make sure I was doing things correct etc. Dan from SoftwareKey was who I dealt with and I have got to say he was great - relaxed and helped me sort things out - no worries. So yes the customer service is great. I would not hesitate for a second in recommending SoftwareKey.

Mark Daniel Director of Explicit Business Solutions Ltd

Would recommend without hesitation

Thanks for the help and time spent with me, I am very much impressed with your customer service and support. I would recommend your company to anyone I come across with no hesitation. In this day and age, few companies have as great customer support as yours has.

Ahmad Shariat Sr. Research Engineer, Fractionation Research Inc.

No more expensive and obtrusive dongles

Protection PLUS has been a real lifesaver for us. We used to use a dongle but it was an expensive and obtrusive method of copy protection. We've found that our users completely accept having to enter an unlock code because it only takes a few seconds and it's no hassle at all. Again, thanks for a great product.

Rick Thompson

High quality license protection and delivery solution with top-notch support.

Over ten years ago, we chose SoftwareKey to replace our insufficient home-grown license protection scheme. We were then able to confidently make product trials available for download and make online license activation available, even with a subscription model. We also use SoftwareKey for enabling a floating network license.

As a developer I really like the flexibility of the SDK and tools for implementing custom license protection, activation, and management that I have implemented for many products. Furthermore, the support is always prompt and has responded with actual product enhancements.

I've been able to implement every licensing scheme we have wanted. SoftwareKey's offerings, from the SOLO Server to Protection Plus, have everything you need for a simple complete software delivery solution or a complex customized one.


Can't tell you how much additional money we've made

I think we've been using Protection PLUS for the better part of two years and I can't tell you how much money we've made during that period of time! We offer financing for our package and Protection PLUS allows us to inform our customers when their payment is due. 50–75% of our customers take advantage of our payment plan. We had a tough time doing this before Protection PLUS.

Randal Ferguson RDF Software

Really appreciate the prompt assistance. Thanks for solving my issue in less than 10 minutes!

Mike Bobbitt Pratt & Miller Engineering

Very pleased and nothing but GREAT things to say

I have been using Protection PLUS for about 8-10 years with systems designed in various languages. I have been using it for about 4 years with systems designed in Delphi. I have been very pleased with the product and have nothing but GREAT things to say about Team SoftwareKey.

Manny Garcia

Problem was resolved in just a couple of minutes

Thank you for your assistance. Your speedy answer was relayed via two-way radio to our installer, and our problem was resolved in just a couple of minutes. Our client was never the wiser to any difficulties. We appreciate your assistance.

Jim Swarts PrideWare, Inc.

Far exceeded my requirements

I found Protection PLUS … and I'm glad I did! The things that Protection PLUS allowed me to do far exceeded my requirements…It's a wonderful product. Keep up the good work!

Gary Steger

BY-FAR the best support I have received

Thank you. This is BY-FAR the best support I have received from any software company in a long time. And I deal with a lot of different companies! KUDOS

Mark Toth Maxus Strategic Systems

The Product is Great, Simple and Reliable

The product is great, simple and reliable - all the way from software activation through to the SOLO Server. Just as important... is that your support is fantastic - you have always got back to me on my problems very quickly and your service is very helpful - even when the problems have been my own mistakes.

Derek Neve XtraLex Systems Pty Ltd,

Protected my application in 1 day

Just wanting to say that I am very pleased with my purchase of Protection PLUS. I successfully had my application protected within 1 day of development. This was using the full Protection PLUS SDK together with my application and making use of the example code in the VC++ directory. Everything works excellent and I am very happy.

Alex Kiaos

Fast support is even faster now

I have used SoftwareKey's products over the span of 10 years and have always appreciated their quick response to my questions regarding implementation of their algorithms, even though I tend to implement them using unsupported compilers. They have always been quick to respond to my emails and now I can get even faster answers to my questions through their live chat feature.

Jonathan French

It's just a doggone good product

We have used Protection PLUS for over 10 years and it works flawlessly. Our software is written in Visual FoxPro and currently licensed to users in 8 states and Protection PLUS has kept the pirates away. It's just a doggone good product! We love it!

Charles P. Johnson President, LoanTec Financial Software

Your tech support guys are really on the ball catching errors in my config that I didn't even ask them to check. When I come to the Orlando area, we're all going out for beers.

Ian Baranesky Camigi CAD Inc.

Thank you for leveling the playing field for independent developers

I've been with SoftwareKey for more than twelve years. I'm so grateful that I happened upon your product all those years ago. It's allowed my computer game to be sold and played in more than 50 countries. Thank you for leveling the playing field for independent developers.

Carey DeVuono HMS Games

It's pretty much everything I could have hoped for and more.

I'm really excited to use Protection PLUS and SOLO Server. It seems like your team has thought of everything. I found SoftwareKey while frantically searching and hoping that somebody had a better license enforcement tool, not even thinking about how I was going to deliver the software or accept payments yet. In fact, I have a whole list of things I had yet to figure out how I was going to address them and SoftwareKey covers ALL of them. I wish I found it a month ago. This system just makes so much more sense than anything else I've seen out there. The fact that I can keep tabs on all the licenses and change them from the server is just unreal. It's pretty much everything I could have hoped for and more.

Wesley Smith Flying Car Ltd.

Above and Beyond the typical level of support

I just wanted to take the time to write this email and indicate my high level of satisfaction with the support that your team has provided throughout the trial, purchase, and setup of your software products. The support team is friendly, listens to my questions, knows your products inside and out, and conduct themselves in a manner that is highly conducive to simply getting things done. It is quite clear that they go above and beyond the typical level of support that is expected, and I hope that it is well-recognized that this is essential to procuring new business and referrals.

Bret McClay

Above and Beyond

The support we have received is above and beyond what was expected. Their knowledgeable team got to know our needs and worked with us to come up with an implementation that worked best.

Marit Franks Innovative Electronic Designs, LLC

The Clear Choice for us to Share Profits with Partners

Legality Software develops custom software solutions and products for the legal vertical market. We were approached by a LexisNexis Certified Partner, to help bring their data synchronization idea to life.

Using the SoftwareKey System for software licensing, license management, copy protection, automated activations and e-commerce enabled us to share profits with our partners. SoftwareKey provides our partners a unique portal where they can independently manage their customers and sales of their own products. Multiple partner accounts in SOLO Server enable us to globally manage sales and licenses for our own products as well as those we build with partners. SoftwareKey's flexibility makes it the clear choice to enable us to partner and share profits with companies who have great product ideas but need help with development, licensing and commerce.

Robert Gray Legality Software - LexisNexis Certified Partner

I didn't realize how much time manual activations were really taking

I'm very happy with SOLO Server and wish I'd started using it years ago. I didn't realize how much time and attention manual activations were really taking up. It's great to know that customers can activate immediately after a purchase and I don't need to be involved. The ability to remotely deactivate licenses can also be very helpful.

Michael Dowdie ReCrystallize.com LLC