About Us

Concept Software, Inc. is a privately held Florida-based software company with thousands of customers in more than 118 countries. We provide software and computing consulting services helping developers and companies, large or small, to realize their sales potential.

Formed in 1993 by founder Mike Wozniak, Concept Software was created with the intention of bringing his proven software solutions to more people like him; developers who want to get their creations in more hands while protecting their investments throughout the distribution process. Everyday we help others succeed by providing user friendly technologies that redefine how people license, sell, and deliver software. Our first Protection PLUS and SOLO Server customer from almost two decades back still consider these products and services to be an integral part of their operations. We consider this a testament to a job well done.

We concentrate on meaningful one-on-one sales and support. Listening to our customer’s wants and needs is paramount to consistently build new, relevant product features thus placing us at the forefront of an ever-changing industry.

Concept Software developers have a passion for technology, and our whole team values integrity, excellence and fun! A group of us work from headquarter offices in Winter Garden, Florida along with Kiya, Roxie, Radlee, and Zoey, our canine companions, while some specialized developers and staff work remotely. We are committed to the success of our customers and partners and are proud of the high quality business relationships we've been a part of over the years.

Thank you for visiting us at SoftwareKey.com. We invite you to look around, sign-up for a free trial, invest in the SoftwareKey System, or share your thoughts with us about the job we are doing.

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Consulting Services

As leaders in software licensing, e-commerce, electronic license activation and management services, we offer consulting services delivered by a team of developers to get your environment up and running and working efficiently. Let our team help your team for best possible results.


Concept Software is growing and though we do not have any immediate openings we are always looking to identify talented programmers and operational staff including co-ops and interns. If you feel an alignment to working with us, please present yourself by sending your inquiry here.