SoftwareKey System Pricing & Purchasing Options

The SoftwareKey System offers a wide variety of purchasing options to meet your unique needs, whether you are an Individual, Small/Medium Business, or an Enterprise.

Protection Only

For software publishers who want to manually manage licenses, customers, and activations.

starting at


  • Licensing and copy protection
  • Offline activations
  • check
    ​Manual customer and license management
  • check
    ​Updates and ​Standard ​Support: 1 year
  • Premium Support options available
  • check
    ​Automation Services can be added​

Protection + Automation

For software publishers who want automated customer and license management.

starting at


one time fee
+ $30/month minimum (details below)

  • All ​​Protection Only features
  • Hosted Automation Server​ (SaaS)
  • check
    Automated online and offline activations
  • check
    Secure license ​revocation and transfers
  • check
    Optional integrated eCommerce ​engine
  • check
    Customer registration and management
  • check
    Updates and ​Standard ​Support included
  • check
    Premium Support options available

Enterprise Solutions

For companies interested in our enterprise level offerings and services.

  • ​All Protection + Automation features
  • check
    Dedicated SaaS and self-hosting options
  • Premium Support options available


We stand behind our products and services. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase and we are unable to remedy the situation, simply contact us within 30 days of receipt and we will gladly provide a refund. Some exclusions apply.

"SoftwareKey is a one stop shop for software protection. Tenacity has been using their solutions since we opened in 2004, and I would not consider going anywhere else. I love the SoftwareKey built-in shopping cart and tools they provide to protect our software from theft."

Dustin Armstrong

VP Operations, Tenacity, Inc.

"The Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing option has greatly simplified our license authentication process. Moving from a LAN approach to a WAN approach has also made our clients' lives easier."

Clint Monari

Lead UI Developer, Bridge Software Institute

"In the past, we used dongles to protect our software. Today, thanks to SoftwareKey, our licensing costs fell more than 30 times, managing to have a single solution that solved several problems."

Juan Manuel Garrido

EGA Futura

"SoftwareKey has allowed us to automate much of our licensing process and saved us a lot of time in terms of resource allocation. As a result, we have sold more products and generated more income."

Erik Toraason

IntegrityWare, Inc.

What is the SoftwareKey System?

The SoftwareKey System is comprised of:

  • Protection (licensing client) - This component is included in your software, which is distributed to customers.  It controls access to your software.
  • Automation (licensing server/service) - The protection component connects to a central licensing server on the web to automatically activate and validate licenses throughout the lifetime of the license.

New customers can choose between Protection Only or our most popular combination of Protection + Automation. Existing customers who previously purchased Protection Only can add Automation for a $99 one-time setup fee + $30/month minimum.

What is included in Protection + Automation?

  • Wizard or SDK License Client: A one developer workstation platform license is included at the $499 starting price.  You will get to choose Protection PLUS 5 SDK, Instant Protection PLUS 3, or AutoCrypt SL. We license each developer/platform/edition separately, so the cost increases if you need multiple licenses. Discounts are available when purchasing multiple developer and/or platform licenses.
  • License Server: A SOLO Server account on our shared URL ( If you already have a trial account, this will activate it. A custom branded URL ( is available for an additional $99 one-time setup fee.

The $30 monthly minimum fee is usage credit towards activation, eCommerce and maintenance fees:

  • $0.75 per activation. This occurs when the customer enters a License ID and Activation Password into your software to activate.
  • 2% fee on orders processed through our optional integrated eCommerce. SOLO Server can also be used with other eCommerce solutions, and the 2% fee would not apply in those cases.
  • Software Maintenance. This includes standard support and software updates. Maintenance starts at $10 and increases based on the number of developer licenses you have.
  • API Transactions. This includes programmatic requests to our servers (excludes activation requests).  Each month of service includes 10,000 API transactions.  When this limit is exceeded due to higher-than-typical usage, an additional $1.00 for every 3,000 transactions will be charged.

Here is an example for a given month:

  • 20 activations processed: $15 fee
  • $500 in products sold through integrated eCommerce
    (2% of $500): $10 fee
  • Software Maintenance: $10 fee
  • Up to 10,000 API Transactions: $0 fee
  • Total bill for the month: $35  ($15 + $10 + $10)

If you don't reach $30 from the other fees, the monthly charge would be the $30 minimum.

Premium Support

For customers who need or want a higher level of service from our experienced team of licensing experts in order to fast-track your evaluation and/or implementation, Team SoftwareKey offers several Premium Support options. See our Support Policy for more information.

Premium Support is a fit for individuals or companies who:

  • Prefer senior-level support staff to "Do It With You" or "Do It For You"
  • Want someone else to take ownership of licensing implementation and guide them to the finish line
  • Have complex licensing requirements that may require at least some coding with our various APIs or SDKs
  • Want assistance integrating the licensing system with other external systems

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