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Software Licensing Solutions that Simply Make Sense

Copy protection, license management, and online sales automation for enterprise level or single developers. Customization or quick and simple wrappers, our pricing is right and our service will blow you away.

Why Choose SoftwareKey?

Proven Reliability

You don’t have to put your software at risk. Our core technologies are used around the globe for 25 years with more than 100 million users. We hold a 99.9% uptime record since inception. The SoftwareKey System has processed millions of license activations and validations, a few per day for some customers and thousands per day for others.

Highly Customizable

Create what you need by mixing and matching from dozens of licensing models to create a unique experience for your customers. Integrate with existing systems, collect customer information, prepare real-time reporting - you’ll love the flexibility. Tap our consulting services for help with specialized functionality.

5 Star Service

Getting real expert help is priceless, not to mention rare. Experience customer service and technical support beyond compare. Nothing expresses our 5 Star Service better than our ever growing customer testimonials. Team SoftwareKey is “Here to Help” you!

Expertise and Guidance

SoftwareKey has been providing solutions for over 25 years, and we've developed a wealth of software licensing experience. We can work with you at multiple levels of service, and we always treat our customers as people, not numbers. Determining the best licensing implementation for unique and complex requirements can be a challenge, and the experts at SoftwareKey can help guide you to the solution that will best satisfy your needs. Whether you just have some basic questions to help get you started, or if you want us to take a more significant role in your license implementation, we see ourselves as part of your team and want you to succeed. 


What do SoftwareKey Customers Have to Say?

We are famous for the quality of our products and our exceptional customer service and support, as echoed in our testimonials and success stories.

Watch this video testimonial from one of our customers:

"I recommend doing what we did: Get the [SoftwareKey] team involved, and have one of their licensing architects be an extension of your team. They made the process easy, smooth and painless, even more than I could have hoped."
  - Aaron West, MediaShout

Juan Manuel Garrido EGA Futura

Our Licensing Costs Fell 30X

In the past, we used dongles to protect our software. The average investment we had to do for each license sold was very high, while the administrative costs of mailing USB keys were also high. Today, thanks to SoftwareKey, our licensing costs fell more than 30 times, managing to have a single solution that solved several problems.

Graeme Cox Engineering Director, DAVCO Farming

They Put in Overtime to Help Us with a Critical Issue

SoftwareKey has been an important part of our business in terms of securing our intellectual property with their software protection and allowing us to implement a pay as you use business model which is a first in our industry. Their support is always responsive and when we recently had a critical issue that was preventing the release of our latest version of software, they worked over many hours to track down the problems and solve it. This was a great relief and allowed us to ship our product and keep the sales coming in.

Dan Van Hoose VP of Sales, 123copydvd.com

Unwavering Licensing Confidence in Nearly 1 Million Units per Year

I have overseen myriad product launches, and each time I have unwavering confidence in the licensing and distribution strategy that always has SoftwareKey at its center. Our company distributes nearly 1 million units of both downloadable and physical software products, with many sold through retail stores. The ability to offer subscriptions makes it easy to capture renewal revenue and the copy protection is critical for our products.

30-Day Free Trial

From protecting your software to automating the complete license management lifecycle, see for yourself how the SoftwareKey System will help you maximize your software's revenue potential.

Access our Support Portal for help on licensing implementation, how to use the SoftwareKey System, and other important information. You can also use the "Get Help" option that appears on the bottom right of the screen.