May 06

New, Modern Licensing Sells More and Satisfies More: Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing

By Deborah J | Success Stories

Stuart Rowe, the CEO of 28 Hands met with us virtually from London. After several years of working closely with SoftwareKey, he shares his perspective on their company’s use of SoftwareKey Cloud-Controlled Network Floating Licensing (CCNFL). Mail Manager is their sole product, a software tool garnering a user fan base of 55,000 architectural engineering professionals […]

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Apr 30

Protection PLUS Spring 2020 Software Releases 

By Dan H. | General

Team SoftwareKey has recently posted releases for both Protection PLUS 5 SDK and Instant Protection PLUS 3!Instant Protection PLUS 3 Version this release, we have made miscellaneous fixes and we have also made additions to our Instant Protection PLUS 3 DLL sample applications:For Java developers, there are new NetBeans projects along side the existing Eclipse […]

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Apr 30

SOLO Server Release with support for Dynamic License Validation Options and License Grouping!

By Steve Marsh | General

We’re happy to announce that SOLO Server Automation build has been released, with not one but two major new features!  We have added support for dynamic license validation options and license grouping.Dynamic License Validation OptionsPeriodic license validation with SOLO Server is an important feature to help you maintain control of your software. Previously, the intervals […]

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Dec 06

Maximizing email deliverability with SOLO Server Automation

By Abram P | Support Articles

The SoftwareKey System has many features to automate license management for your company, including sending various email notifications to your customers. Because the content and ​​branding are completely ​customizable, ​​there are important considerations for ​choosing the “from” address of these emails.​Free Email Service Providers Can’t Be Used​If you use a free email service provider such […]

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Sep 23

SOLO Server Released with New Support for Consumption-Based Licensing and More!

By Steve Marsh | Releases

We’ve been talking about ​consumption-based licensing since 2014!  ​SOLO Server Automation build is live with support for this increasingly-popular ​way to increase revenue ​by charging customers based upon their actual transactional use of your application!In addition to the exciting new ​consumption-based licensing features, this release also offers ​customer email verification on sign up and […]

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Aug 08

New SoftwareKey System Monthly Plans Now Available

By Mike Wozniak | General

Image showing that simplified pricing plans have lower price, but higher value.

The technology driving the SoftwareKey System has been around for over 25 years!  For a long time, our various Protection PLUS licensing clients have been sold separately. A lot has changed since then, and nearly all of our customers now use our Protection + Automation Bundle (the combination of Protection PLUS licensing clients and SOLO […]

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Jul 10

Protection PLUS 5 SDK – Exciting New .NET Cross-Platform Library and Visual Studio 2019 Support

By Dan H. | Releases

New .NET Standard Library!SoftwareKey is extremely excited to announce a new library : PLUSManaged for .NET Standard.  By targeting .NET Standard 2.0, the benefits of the SoftwareKey System are extended to many new platforms and frameworks, including .NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono. Now you can license applications that run on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, […]

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