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Mar 01

​Introducing API Transaction Fee Policy

By Mike Wozniak | General

Since the launch of the ​SOLO Server Automation service in 1998, pricing has been based upon the simple services provided (a per license/activation fee and a percentage fee on integrated shopping cart orders processed).   The SoftwareKey System features have now expanded to offer many new ways for you to license your software and maintain control. For […]

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Jun 11

Important Security Update: TLS 1.0 Disablement

By Abram P | General

​​Industry standards now require increased security in encryption protocols to keep data safe.   We are legally-obligated to comply ​with these increased security requirements, and doing so requires changes to our hosting infrastructure​.   ​We applied ​security updates for most of our hosted websites on Monday, ​16 July 2018​.​​UPDATE:  ​We will be ​enforcing security updates for […]

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Jul 13

Protection PLUS Maintenance Requirement for Instant SOLO Server Customers

By Mike Wozniak | General

The SoftwareKey System provides several license management solutions and is comprised of:Protection: Protection PLUS (licensing client) – This component is included in your software, which is distributed to customers. It controls access to your software.Automation: ​SOLO Sever (licensing server/service) – Protection PLUS connects to a central licensing server on the web to automatically activate and […]

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Sep 30

SoftwareKey Metering System Repurposed

By Mike Wozniak | General

Metering System Box

History and OverviewThe SoftwareKey Metering System was originally launched in 2009 through a partnership with VMWare.  Built on the license management technologies built inside of the SoftwareKey System for Independent Software Vendors, the Metering System helps IT departments:Manage and control access to internal-use applicationsLog application usageReport on application usage throughout an enterpriseEnforce concurrency limits on […]

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Aug 25

FastSpring and SoftwareKey – bringing together the best in eCommerce and software licensing

By Mike Wozniak | General


When you’re selling software, you’re selling the license to use it, and now at long last there’s a unified platform where sales and security work together for customers’ improved peace of mind. This new solution is provided through the integration of two powerful tools for software developers. SoftwareKey licensing now works with FastSpring ecommerce for […]

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Jan 12

SoftwareKey Service Options that Work for YOU!

By Mike Wozniak | General , Support Articles

Making a choice

After more than two decades of providing solutions in licensing, eCommerce, and business automation, we have robust products and services and highly experienced staff at SoftwareKey. SoftwareKey is not the cheapest licensing option, nor is it the most expensive, and we prioritize striking the right balance of cost while maximizing your benefits! We understand that different customers […]

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