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July 1, 2017 Updates to the SOLO Server Automation Terms of Service

By Mike Wozniak  |  General

Posted:  April 20

There have been many changes to our SOLO Server Automation service over the past 18 years, when it was first launched. We are updating our Terms of Service to reflect how people are now using our services.

We recommend that you review the updated Terms of Service. The updated Terms of Service are effective on July 1, 2017, and by using SOLO Server Automation on or after that date, you will be required to agree to the new terms when you log in. If you don't want to be bound by these agreements, you can contact us to close your account before that date.

The key updates are:

  • The entire structure of the agreement has been re-organized to what makes the most sense for typical Software as a Service (Saas) services. For example, the terms "Publisher" and "Distributor" are no longer used to describe the relationship between your organization and SoftwareKey.com.
  • Simpler, easy to understand language was used throughout.
  • We are now required to give at least a 30 day notice before any pricing changes go into effect.
  • Both parties are now required to give at least a 30 day cancellation notice.
  • To provide the best possible service and support for customers using what we now call our Protection + Automation bundle, active Protection PLUS software maintenance is required for all customers. Software maintenance provides access to the latest version of the licensing client as well as access to our online support options. Having maintenance allows our support staff to answer technical questions on both the licensing client and the licensing server. Customers who do not purchase the annual Protection PLUS maintenance will automatically have the SOLO Server Automation monthly fee increased (by as little as $8.25/month) to cover the maintenance for a true "set it and forget it" access to our highly-acclaimed support staff.  Contact us to determine your maintenance costs.
  • The limitation of liability provision now has a specified maximum benefit.
  • We are introducing an Acceptable Use Policy provision. Customers on standard pricing plans are expected to have usage patterns that are "typical" with most customers.

We hope you agree that these improvements to the terms of service are a valuable part of our constant efforts to provide the best service and experience possible for customers like you.

About the Author

Mike Wozniak is the founder of SoftwareKey.com and responsible for marketing, content and product strategy. When he isn't plotting new ways to help customers solve licensing and business automation challenges, he likes to travel and entertain guests who come to visit the Orlando area.

Mike Wozniak


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