Protection PLUS Release with 4096-bit encryption and .NET 6 support

By Dan H.  |  SoftwareKey System Releases

Posted:  January 10

PLUS5 4096-bit

4096-bit encryption is here!

While 1024-bit RSA encryption is not yet possible to brute-force, with quantum computer technology on the rise it was decided to be proactive and revisit the encryption used by the Protection PLUS 5 SDK. Instead of simply upgrading to 2048-bit encryption, we chose 4096-bit encryption!

In addition to updating the encryption key size, we also made changes to our encryption process by using a combination of asymmetric and symmetric encryption.  This allowed us to maintain encryptiondecryption speeds close to the speeds of the previous 1024-bit encryption while reaping the benefits of the larger encryption key size.

For more details, please check out our knowledgebase article!

Microsoft .NET 6

Protection PLUS 5 .NET Edition is now compatible with .NET 6.Testing has been completed with Microsoft .NET 6, and this release fixes an issue with .NET 6 and our PLUSManaged for .NET Standard assembly.

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