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Posted:  November 8

Protection PLUS Release
Team SoftwareKey has recently posted releases for both Instant Protection PLUS 3 and AutoCrypt SL!

Instant Protection PLUS 3 version 

In this release, we have added some new features and also made various tweaks and improvements to the wizard display and settings.

Installation Name

We have added the option to set an Installation Name when activating online through SOLO Server, which makes it easier to identify different installations and remotely deactivate them. This feature is now available in all of our licensing clients! 

IPP3 Installation Name
You can allow the user to enter their own Installation Name, or you can automatically pull the computer/device name for the current machine. It is an optional feature in Instant Protection PLUS 3, and existing users can choose to enable it or not.

Additional Virtual Machine Detection

The existing "Prevent running in Virtual Machine" setting has now added KVM and Xen to the Virtual Machine hosts identified. This allows you to prevent your customers from running your licensed software in these environments for additional copy protection.

View the Instant Protection PLUS 3 release notes for a complete list of changes. 

AutoCrypt SL version

A significant advantage of the AutoCrypt SL wrapper is that it is compatible with .NET applications. With this new release, additional security features have been added when protecting a .NET application.

These new .NET specific options are available in the Expert Settings of the Wrapper Options step of the AutoCrypt SL wizard:

ACSL Obfuscation Options
When protecting your application, you may now opt to have AutoCrypt SL obfuscate the executable. Some tools allow dumping of a protected or compressed .NET application in order to strip the protection from the executable.  A security feature, "Anti-Dump Protection" has been added to help block this type of tool.

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