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Dec 06

Maximizing email deliverability with SOLO Server Automation

By Abram P | Support Articles

The SoftwareKey System has many features to automate license management for your company, including sending various email notifications to your customers. Because the content and ​​branding are completely ​customizable, ​​there are important considerations for ​choosing the “from” address of these emails.​Free Email Service Providers Can’t Be Used​If you use a free email service provider such […]

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Jan 12

SoftwareKey Service Options that Work for YOU!

By Mike Wozniak | General , Support Articles

Making a choice

After ​nearly three ​decades of providing solutions in licensing, eCommerce, and business automation, we have robust products and services and highly experienced staff at SoftwareKey. SoftwareKey is not the cheapest licensing option, nor is it the most expensive, and we prioritize striking the right balance of cost while maximizing your benefits! We understand that different customers have different […]

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Oct 21

What WOW64 means to you and your applications

By Abram P | Support Articles

With each new release of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, we observe an increase in questions about how Windows organizes its file system and registry, and how it may limit access to certain areas of each. This pattern has persisted through the recent release of Windows 10, which gives us a great opportunity to offer some […]

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Jun 11

Payflow Pro integration changes for SOLO Server

By Mike Wozniak | Support Articles

You may have recently received an E-mail from PayPal notifying you of the Payflow integration changes that will impact your ability to accept and process payments as the following Payflow URLs are scheduled to be deprecated on August 3, 2015: Do I need to take any action? If you are using […]

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