Payflow Pro integration changes for SOLO Server

By Mike Wozniak | Support Articles

Jun 11

You may have recently received an E-mail from PayPal notifying you of the Payflow integration changes that will impact your ability to accept and process payments as the following Payflow URLs are scheduled to be deprecated on August 3, 2015:


Do I need to take any action?

If you are using SOLO Server Shared or Dedicated URL, no action is needed – we have been using the new URLs for quite some time.

If you are providing your own hosting for SOLO Server:

  • If you are running SOLO Server version or later and are using our professional services when upgrading SOLO Server, no action is needed. You can determine what version of SOLO Server you are presently using by logging into the Administration interface, going to Authors / Author Home, scrolling down to the bottom and looking for SOLO Server Build: X.X.X.X.
  • If you are running SOLO Server version or later and are handling upgrading SOLO Server on your own without the help of our professional services, action is needed. You must verify that the PayFlowServer and PayFlowTestServer entries in the SOLO Server web.config file are set to and, respectively, and change them if not.
  • If you are running a version of SOLO Server prior to, action is needed. Please open a ticket and provide us with your current SOLO Server version number for further instructions.

Please contact us with any questions.


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