SOLO Server – Improved Add License and Monthly Statements

By Steve Marsh  |  SoftwareKey System Releases

Posted:  June 13

SOLO Server Release

We're happy to announce that SOLO Server Automation build has been released, with improvements to the add license page and updates to the monthly statement report for SOLO Server Shared URL users.

Updates to the Add License Page

Several updates and improvements have been made to the add license page:

  • Several rarely-used fields have been removed to simplify things, and the fields have been rearranged.
  • The product option has a quantity mode parameter to control the behavior when the Quantity Ordered field is > 0 when adding licenses.  The quantity field now includes a message describing the effect the product option's quantity mode will have when adding the license(s) through this page.
  • The default value for the license counter field now takes quantity into account when the license counter source is the quantity.
  • Unlimited deactivations are now taken into account when setting the default value for deactivations left.
  • All fields and custom license parameters are now available when adding a test license.
Updates to Add License

Monthly Statement and Account Usage Report

Several enhancements have been made to the monthly statement report for SOLO Server Shared URL:

  • The report has been renamed "Monthly Statement and Account Usage Report".
  • New HTML Summary and HTML Details report types are now available. By default, the report will display the HTML Summary report for the prior month. Select the PDF report type if you want to see or download your monthly statement in the prior format.
  • API Transaction usage summary data is now included. Refer to API Transaction Fee Policy for more information. Note that customers will be contacted in advance of any enforcement of this policy.
  • The date pickers have been replaced with month pickers, and the report can now only be run for whole month ranges.
  • The CSV and XML report types now include several additional fields.
Monthly Billable Account Usage report

Other Enhancements 

  • The SOLO Server manual has been reorganized to better group topics, simplify names, include additional overview topics, and include breadcrumbs in sub-topics.
  • All mailings now support a [varFirstName] search/replace parameter for the customer first name, allowing the customer to be addressed by first name only.
  • The customer forgot password and change password email notifications have been updated to include the AuthorID in the link to the customer license portal when applicable so that the author storefront markup will be displayed upon reaching the portal.

Read the full release notes here. And as always we'd love to hear from you so feel free to reach out and contact us with your questions and feedback. 

About the Author

Steve Marsh is a Software Engineer with SoftwareKey and has worked on development of their SOLO Server software licensing server product for nearly 15 years. Outside of software development, he is an avid Chicago sports fan and a voracious reader.

Steve Marsh


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