Protection PLUS 5 SDK – Easier to Customize License Parameters

By Dan H.  |  SoftwareKey System Releases

Posted:  May 13

Protection PLUS Release

Customizing license parameters is one of the powerful features offered by the SoftwareKey System.  It provides you the flexibility to define licenses that activate specific features for each customer and lets you modify / refresh the license when the customer wants additional features to be enabled.

Updated Tutorials for Customizing License Data

Our Simple Text Editor sample applications demonstrate reading custom data from the license, and for demonstrate feature-based licensing by enabling or disabling the corresponding application menus.  We have provided an updated Simple Text Editor sample tutorial showing three ways to configure the custom data using:

  • Custom Parameter Sets
  • Custom Data with a custom SOLO Server page that implements business logic
  • User-Defined fields
SimpleTextEditor Custom Parameter Set

Custom Parameter Set in SOLO Server

SimpleTextEditor Activated

Activated sample application utilizing custom parameters

You can learn more about customizing license data in our online video tutorial:

Supporting Multiple License Types in One Application

Do you need to support multiple types of licenses in a single application such as perpetual licenses and subscription licenses?  A new manual topic Determining the Type of License  demonstrates using the Trigger Code numeric field of the license to specify the type of license.  We have included manual topics for PLUSNative and PLUSManaged with sample code, and our sample applications demonstrate using this method as well.

Additional Enhancements

The latest version of Protection PLUS 5 SDK  also offers the following enhancements:

  • Our sample applications have been further improved with support for read-only Volume licensesVolume licenses are very permissive licenses which are designed to be used by anyone in a given organization without requiring each user to activate.
  • Many of our sample applications have a corresponding tutorial in the Protection PLUS 5 SDK manual.  These sample applications now include menus or menu buttons to quickly open your browser to the tutorial for the specific sample. 
  • The sample application tutorials in the manual now demonstrate remotely deactivating a license.
  • The Protection PLUS 5 SDK Native Edition MFC, wxWidgets, and Qt LicensingSample application demonstrates saving a manual activation request file to disk and opening a manual activation response file from disk.
  • License Manager has been updated with additional Help menu items linking to the Getting Started and Getting Help website resources.

For a complete list of changes, view the release notes here.

About the Author

Dan is a software engineer at SoftwareKey with extensive experience in licensing technology and additional experience in video and audio development.

Dan H.


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